Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back to work.

Up, coffee, shuffle to desk, open work file for first time since last Tuesday. Have a little read, have a little groan. Back to work. Is there anything yuckier?
On the plus side 100 posts! Yeah.

Hollyweird tat.- Angelina might have given birth to the second coming. I'll keep ya posted.
Denise Richards was in Dublin with Heather Locklears's husband , Ritchie Sambora, over the weekend. Drinking with Gerry 'Lurry' Ryan of all people.
Madonna offends churches with her new tour. Imagine, she must be shocked, what about her being crucified on a giant cross and wearing a crown of thorns did she think might offend? In other news, no one else was even mildly shocked. Sorry Mads, I bought that t-shirt and lacy fingerless gloves in the eighties.
People now feel sorry for Britney Spears after she burst out crying having stumbled with her young son, days after everyone was bitching about the direction of her baby car seat. I read that and laughed. How fickle folk are. Me too. Fickle like a fox


Blogger Face said...

eeee! (did you happen to watch the cats thingys?)
I know, I know, you've had alot else on your mind!

I'm sure Madonna is a vampire, also Cher and the Beurepairs tyres man. They never age, man!

10:15 a.m.  
Blogger finn said...

Is there anything yuckier?

yes. there's this shitty ass coffee that i'm drinking. why do i persist in drinking the ass coffee here at work? because i'm cheap and lazy that's why. and i don't feel a bit sorry for britney.

do you/will you have a ring?

12:05 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Face, I did try but it wouldn't come up with the link you provided. That Madonna, I find her hilarious, her faux english accent, the way she blinks, the whole kaballah thing everything about her makes me go tee-hee, but I am seriously envious of her business acumen. One smart cookie. And I LOVE Cher. I watched her final tour on TV with ze French Gay and we squealed the whole way through it. She was AMAZING. Take that JLo, kazam Britney, pffft Destiny's Child, bow down to the mistress.
(also Moonstuck is one of my very favourite films and me and French Gay can quote whole passages to each other?
'Bring me the big kife Loretta!'
'No Ronnie, I won't do it.'
'She won't do it.'
Oh Nick Cage, you were so handsome and sweaty.
Miss Finn, no, no ring yet, we're going to have to go...ring shopping. Sounds hellish. How do you ask, 'so, what's our budget on this ring then?'
He said something typically mannish like, 'If you see something you like...'
Oh yeah Hon, I did, it had a funny tag with 'Cartier' on it.
Don't drink that coffee if you don't like it, bring a thermos to work with nice coffee in it.

1:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Cate said...

Madonnas game is up now i think. No offence to the fit lady. I read up on your blog every so often and am well entertained with your stories. Sounds only too familiar. Congrats on your engagement. Delighted for ya! Hope my knight in shining armour will trot by someday soon.

1:57 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

I'm sure he will and welcome.

1:58 p.m.  
Blogger Foot Eater said...

Engaged and your first century, in the same week? I'll have to crack open a bottle of Bolly on your behalf now, FMC.

10:04 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Do Darling, I cracked open the wine.

10:19 p.m.  
Blogger Face said...

Damn. They were really funny, those cats.
However, not wanting to be someone who sends people funny cat videos, I think I will take this recent failure as a sign and nip it in the bud now.

12:35 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

No, Face, send it again, I love silly videos!

9:53 a.m.  

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