Thursday, August 17, 2006


I was amazed to see this last night, amazed.

"A US man arrested in Thailand has said the death of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey 10 years ago in Colorado was an accident.
John Mark Karr, 41, who lived in Boulder at the time of the killing, told reporters: "I was with JonBenet when she died. Her death was an accident."

Thai police had earlier said Mr Karr had confessed to the 1996 killing.

The six-year-old was found beaten and strangled in the basement of her family's home in Boulder, in a case that shocked the US public.

Mr Karr, a former teacher, was arrested at an apartment in the Thai capital Bangkok.

He was arrested on a US warrant after being tracked by police as he sought to find a teaching job in Thailand, officials said.

Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacey said the arrest had followed "several months of a focused and complex investigation".

Mr Karr will be sent to Colorado within days to face charges of murder, kidnapping and child sexual assault, said US official Ann Hurst.

Thai police chief Lt Gen Suwat Tumrongsiskul told reporters: "He said it was second-degree murder. He said it was unintentional. He said he was in love with the child. She was a pageant queen."

Okay, I will-hands up-say I really thought the parent were involved with the poor little girl's death. There was even a pointed reference to them in Southpark... Well, if I had a hat I'd eat it. Of course it's horrible what happened to them, losing their little girl, but to live with the clouds of suspicion over their heads must have been really difficult. Poor people. I was glad to read Patsy Ramsay knew an arrest was imminent before she passed away.


  1. I find that photo truly creepy. A stunning child heavily made up, with her parents' approval, in to-days skew wif world full of paedophiles. It makes you wonder what kind of people would exploit that baby innocence. FMC, jeez, I must come across as a real opinionated cow! I'm really, really easy going, honest!

  2. shebah, sweetheart, relax!!

    cat, i totally pegged the parents also, and now i feel for them as you do. i wonder how long the authorities had karr in their sights, and what exactly they did to extract his confession. whatever they could or did do, it couldn't be too excessive.

    in thailand, too. couldn't be more fitting. you know there's a book, and a horrible telly version, in the making.

  3. Anonymous5:59 p.m.

    Something's not right with this story. This guy lived in Alabama or Georgia and travels clear across the country to some random place in Colorado at Christmas to kill some little girl he didn't know and never heard of? His wife says she was with him in Alabama at the time.

    I think he's a kook. Hell, I could say *I* killed Jon Benet Ramsay.

  4. I'm in Colorado, actually, and the fallout here is crazy. Everyone at work is glued to their computers, and my friend is calling me every twenty minutes with updates.

    It does seem strange... the DA doesn't act like they have a case against him other than his creepy confession.

    And I'm with the rest of you ... I totally thought it was the parents.

  5. Bonnie6:27 p.m.

    This guy could turn out to be crazy and confess to everything under the sun, but we'll just have to wait and see. The thing that sends chills up my spine is that EVERYONE was sure the parents did it - the media, the police, the general public, etc. Makes you hope that you're never wrongly accused of something yourself!

  6. Erica, you've just pot to keep me updated. Etheline thinks it's as dodgy as hell him telling the world's media he is guilty. So please, if ya hear anything new keep us in the loop.

  7. I think the parents are still ultimately responsible. Those pageants are just sickening. It's like saying, "OY! PEDOPHILES!! Look at THIS little beauty, huh?"

    Shameful. I think this guy's a sick, perverted bastard if it turns out that he is, in fact, guilty of raping and murdering that little girl, but would he even have come in contact with her if not for her sickening, pimping parents?

  8. Starting to look now like he might just be one of those weirdos that claims to have committed crimes, his wife swear he was in Alabama the whole time.
    Those pagent things are really very disturbing. Like Shebah I find the photo and adult look very creepy on a tot of six.

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