Friday, December 01, 2006

That's a rum one.

' way, is it really?'
'I mean you'd never even know it was new.'
'Did it hurt?'
'No not once they pulled it out.'
'Sky high, she actually rang me to say I'd better get my ass back in there.'
'Here, do you want to share this baked potato?'
'Thanks you, peas?
'Yes please, please to peas.'
'Fatcat you simply have to go down there and see the house, it is out of this world.'
'I heard they have a lake.'
'Well more of a big pond!'
'Do they have fish in it? Koi? or-
'If I owned a pond I wouldn't put fish in it. I'd...hic, put a walrus in it.'
'A walrus?'
'Yeah, the one with tusks. Warlrussssess, heh, dadidbe cool. Fuck fish.'
'A walrus.'
'Walruses are awesome.'
'CG, see if you can prise that bottle of wine from his hands would you, there's a love.'