Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christine Gallagher. False Prophet Suffers, but not stigmata.

Weeeeeeeee. I feel a burst of gleeeeeeeee.
Golly fools and their money are so easily parted. I think I might start up a religion of my own. Hubbard did it and he got spanking rich and what a laugh he must have had. Clearly the more ludicrous the claims the more gullible people prise open their wallets.
Might not work in Ireland though, we're becoming just a tad suspicious of snake oil peddlers. I may have missed the boat.
From today's Indo
"RTE last night denied claims that a legal gag order had been placed on the popular 'Liveline' show over comments made about controversial visionary Christina Gallagher.

Callers were warned to tone it down on the popular phone-in programme on RTE radio yesterday after they spoke out against the woman, who claims to suffer stigmata, and her self-styled House of Prayer.

Liveline host Joe Duffy said callers would have to be careful what they said or risk being the subject of a lawsuit after several people rang the programme yesterday and spoke of their personal experiences with the self-styled prophet."

Several callers, including those who support Ms Gallagher, were responding to claims made in a Sunday newspaper at the weekend concerning the apparent wealth of the self-proclaimed "visionary" who claims to receive messages from the Virgin Mary.

The two-page newspaper feature, complete with photographs of a BMW, a sprawling mansion and pictures showing Ms Gallagher leaving a local DIY shop with a trolley full of household goods, claims she is living a life of luxury with a multi-million euro property portfolio and top-of-the-range luxury cars, despite not having any visible means of support or income.

Crumlin-based solicitor Donal Corrigan, who reportedly called the newspaper's claims "gutter journalism" was unavailable for comment yesterday and did not return phone calls when contacted by the Irish Independent at his office yesterday.

The newspaper published photographs of a palatial mansion in the seaside town of Malahide, north Co Dublin, where Christina Gallagher is reported to have moved into two years ago.

The €4m home, No 2 Abington, is set on 1.2 acres in the luxurious private estate set on manicured lawns with plush water fountains and sculptures. Well-heeled neighbours include former Boyzone star Ronan Keating and pop star Nicky Byrne of Westlife.

But House of Prayer supporter Fr Gerard McGinty claimed that Ms Gallagher is merely staying at the mansion as a guest "to get away from it all".

He denied she owns the mansion, an expensive BMW or a string of properties in her native Co Mayo as the newspaper and Liveline callers had claimed.

Ms Gallagher came to the public's attention 20 years ago when she claimed she saw visions of the Virgin Mary and receives regular messages from her.

Since then she has built up an empire of House of Prayer "churches" in America and Mexico as well as the original House of Prayer on Achill Island.

The Co Mayo centre now pulls in busloads of pilgrims, many from America, despite not having official Church status or charitable status."

To get away from it all, eh? What exactly is she 'getting away' from? Legitimate questions?

Donal Corrigan happens to be the old fraud's solicitor. But back to Christine, if anyone is interested in this scrote I'll pop her website up for you to take a gander. Think The Tom Cruise video said nothing? He ain't go nuthin' on Christine.
Here, knock yourself out.

But I understand if you don't want to bother, it's the usual unsubstantiated mumbo jumbo bollocky poppycockery ALL frauds waffle on about (Right Sylvia Browne?). Nothing but broad guesses, nothing specific, lots of religious hocus pocus. (fuck me, you'd think the 'mother of Christ' would be able to give date, like 'Now Christine, God was saying last night that he'll DEFINITELY be sending a tsunami on Thursday, 3rd of Feb, so if you could just go on national television and warn all those people, cheers you're a peach.'
But oh no, that never happens, nothing that the great 'seer' can pinpoint as a fact. Why would she need to do THAT?
Fucking frauds, they're all the bloody same, they have nothing, they can produce nothing, all the can do is suggest and hope that something might happen SOMEWHERE in the world that they can go 'oh look I previsioned that.' (NCFOM)
They are the eunuchs of humanity.
Poisoned, delusional, empty, money and power hungry, thieves and liars, this succubus is no better than any other psychic/Reiki/animal telepath/fortune teller/snake oil peddler. They are show men and women, step right up folks, fill the coffers and I will feed you any lie you wish.

This old 'simple' fraud is one rich minnie, and no amount of bullshit can cover it. Have a look at this site and pay careful attention to he bold.

Everyone see that? Far from 'getting away from it all' Old Christine is simply getting it all. Another fucking leech, another vulture circling the weak and the faithful, waiting to pick them off, one 'vision' at a time.
I"m glad this mountebank is being called out on her swindle, I'm glad people are FINALLY opening their eyes to this sort of ridiculous trickery. It's easy enough for a crafty fox to claim she's receiving messages from the invisible head rooster in sky, the chickens will flock to her, then she can have her fill. But people need to stop being fucking chickens and start being... er, something else, but hopefully something not idiotic.

Visionary seers, I am AGAINST them.


  1. Anonymous10:18 a.m.

    I cannot fathom why people believe preachers of prudence whilst their so called prophets and priests live the high life, I mean the Sheikh that drives the Audi made from silver whilst his people are oppressed. When God or those on the other side speak to them do they tell them how much to charge? And is that not schizophrenia? I mean my Grandmother spoke to dead people and could see people who clearly were not there and we packed her of to the mad house. Damn it, we punched a gift horse in the face. People are idiots. If they are gullible enough to buy that shite we should at least be allowed throw rocks at them.

  2. I was walking through the George's Street Arcade a few weeks ago and there's a fortune teller there. There were 4 people WAITING to be seen. I swear it was all I could do not to stick my head in through the gap and go,
    'Here, listen up. Give me your money. Great, ready?
    Okay, this year will be a time of change, you are dis-satisfied with life and my spirit guide tell me you have been searching for a new direction. Perhaps a new job, perhaps a new relationship. My guide tells me that it will be later in the year before the fates favour you, but they say to tell you when it happens you must remember what was said here today and you will grasps the opportunity with both hands. It will be difficult, but if you chose this path you will soon reap the rewards.
    Also one of my guides is telling me to tell you to take are of your health. He tells me you've been feeling unwell lately. This is because your inner chi is down, both metaphysically and in a pan scientific way. When this happens your energies withdraw and you are left open to attacks from negativity. have you had a cold lately? Oh you have, yes yes, the spirits say this is a sign. A sign of darkening auras. You need to embrace the future, look forwards and not back, and twirling, always twirling.
    That will be 50 bucks please, may the spirits guide you back to me whenever your quest for inner harmony falters.'

  3. Anonymous11:03 a.m.

    Maybe someone could induce stigmata in her with a few rusty nails and a poor aim?

  4. I know someone with a cross bow.

  5. Anonymous11:31 a.m.

    I tell ye Miss Cat you have potential. You forgot the, “do you know someone with the letter B in his name” bit, depending on the reaction he will either do very well for himself, be the real love of your life or be your guardian angel. Imagine if people really believed that their whole lives could be altered. I mean Mr B could really be a B as in a bastard and the faint hearted could feel fate bound to him.

    My nanny used to love fortune tellers (my ‘good’ nanny not the one who thought Maureen O’Hara ran off with her husband) one time she made me go with her to Mary Snott Rags (She was a tea leaf reader, her name is Mary we used to call her Mary tea bags it then translates into the former). She was just off the Cromwellsfort road, anyway one day we went up and you had to drink a sip of the tea, the cup was filthy but her being of the more persistent variety and me not wanting to be rude I took a sip. What proceeded was carnage. I vomited everywhere, all over her, all over the chair and on the floor. Mary called my Nanny, who knew precisely what had happened she burst out laughing hysterically. I kept asking her what she was laughing at; eventually Nanny stopped laughing and blurted out, “didn’t see that coming did you?”

  6. Snarf, I'll bet she didn't.

  7. But surely the gullible are there to be fleeced? I think we owe it to them. They will learn a valuable lesson and if they are too stupid to learn they dont really deserve to have money.

  8. I agree a lot of folk get what they deserve, but these fuckers are master manipulators and should be weeded out and publicly called on their shenanigans.

  9. Anonymous12:33 p.m.

    Oh I agree the gullible should be weeded out from the financial gene pool, Darwin style. But the recently bereaved or emotional cripples need a bit of protecting.

  10. I mean weed out the fraudsters. Call them on their bullshit, make it loud and clear that you don't believe them. Of course they thrive off playing the victim, 'humble, holy victim', mocked by unbelievers. But fuck that. If they're making money over fist they should be able to stand up to a bit of scrutiny, and they never can.

  11. Anonymous12:58 p.m.

    Yup, the fraudsters too, but the stupid gobshites who pay the fraudsters should be ostracized / decapitated, whichever is easier.

  12. Well we will have to split them up then, you take believers and I'll take the hucksters.

  13. Anonymous2:02 p.m.

    If we join forces we will be unstoppable FMC! Flee before us vile psychic cretins and card-reading malcontents, flee I say!


  14. Anonymous3:22 p.m.

    show us the balance sheets ms Gallagher

  15. I quite like this quote from her website:

    Our Lady's Image Shed's Tears

    I have never in my life seen the tears of a shed. What do they look like? I'm intrigued. What's an image shed? Can I get one in B+Q?

  16. Balance sheets hah snarf, all cheques make payable to 'cash' if you please.

    Docky wouldn't that be sap? How appropriate.

    Sheepie, I"m polishing your badge as I type. You will make Judge Dread look like some kind of weedy flower arranger.

  17. OK, here is her description of what happens when she bi-locates. I'm not making this up.

    When a person is experiencing bi-location (the ability to be in two places at once) what is actually happening is that the part of their soul that is in the Spirit of God is transmitted by the Spirit of God. I have experienced this on a number of occasions. There is no fear, only peace in that part of the soul transmitted by God. The part of the soul remaining in the body, however, endures the attacks of the evil one. When God is using the soul saturated in His Spirit, evil spirits assault the remaining part with the horrors of darkness to a tremendous degree.

    For me, I'm pleased that someone is assaulting the remaining part with the horrors of darkness to a tremendous degree. Somebody should!

  18. I have experienced bi-location myself, but it is usually after many many rum based cocktails. I don't recall there being a god about, but then I probably wasn't really paying attention.

  19. Anonymous7:12 p.m.

    She's a wicked predator.

    I like the bit on her website where she has a vision and then declares "Her Lady's desire for the church windows.">

  20. Anonymous7:14 p.m.

    It's on her sidebar. Apparantly it was the message she got on July 7th 2001

  21. Anonymous7:43 p.m.

    TO fatmammycat and the rest of you have you ever thought about the fact that she might be telling the truth . That ragmag sunday world isnt fit to wipe your arse with. This woman is genuine like all the other people who receive visions. Give her a break. S he is not living alife of luxury . She is in constant pain from her wounds. I have seen her wounds. people always knock her kind . There are numerous accounts of genuine healing taking place and not by Christina but Our Lady .You all need to get your facts straight . People only believe the negative things they here about such people.I am not a priest by the way . Everyone is entitled to have an opinion about these things but for Gods sake dont judge her .

  22. Anonymous7:54 p.m.

    Anonymous, are you serious? You don't have the courage of your convictions enough to put your name to what you've written there and have presented nothing that would make me change my mind about this little bleeder - no pun intended because it's not funny to prey on the hopes and fears of vulnerable people.

    When you can put your name to your argument, when you can come up with an argument better than just baldly stating she's genuine, then we can all talk.

    I do tend to judge people who make money by cynically preying on the credulousness of others. I judge them and find them to be lacking a conscience.

  23. Anonymous7:58 p.m.

    'nuff said, where's CAB

  24. I'm sure the millions that old fraud sucks out of the feeble minded will help salve her 'wounds' and she can hire a pretty good massage therapist to call to one of her mansions to ease the kinks out of her brass neck.

    'People only believe in negative thing.' What utter tosh. Not swallowing some high riding 'humble ' house wife's claims that she is on the up and up with jesus' dead mother is hardly negative.
    Through away your crutch anonymous, you can walk just fine without it.

  25. -through
    + throw.
    Tired typing sucks.

    Either way, the old harpy can sue the Sunday World if she's that sure of her holy footing. I"m betting she won't.

  26. Anonymous4:15 p.m.

    just thought I'd check back to see if anything interesting was said...

    Anonymous: bwahahahahahahahahhah...



  27. Anonymous11:20 p.m.

    I live bout ten minutes from where she used to live, that crazy biatch!! Dont know how anyone can believe such crap. Her daughter is just as bad.. livin in a house that her mother has bought with money from gullible people. It is true about all the houses Christina owns here in Mayo, everyone in the area knows! If a journalist went out to knockmore (mayo) and just talked to her old neighbours they would find a whole load of crap out! Just love the stories that people around here have about her... amuses me =)

  28. Yep, I figured that was the case. She's an out and out fraud.

  29. Anonymous10:58 p.m.

    I love the muuuhahaaaaaaaAAAAAAA!!!

    Christina Gallagher.....

    I posted on her webmail and told her last Sunday that the whole country would discover what a fraud and thief she is....

    Now can I get paid tons of wad from gullible middle to old aged women all over the country and America?

    I think fucking not.!!!

    Why don't we set up a religion and see how far we go??? LOL

    She's a bloody disgrace to decency.


  30. Anonymous10:58 p.m.

    ps: I would have given my name but I forgot my password! Arrrrrghhhhhh!!!!

  31. I don't mind her being a lesbian, that's her own business. But being a fraud is another thing all together.
    Hummmmmm, start my own religion eh? Let me think about that one. I"m not sure I'd have the acting chops to pull it off. Also, I doubt I'd be able to keep lying to ill people coming to me for hope-or taking money off tem, see, that's the difference between people like me and scum sucking mountebanks like Christina and Sylvia Browne and all the rest. I still have a heart.

  32. Anonymous11:03 p.m.

    wankers the lot of yes

  33. Anonymous11:04 p.m.

    fuckin shitbags

  34. Anonymous11:04 p.m.

    arse bandits the lot of yous cunts

  35. How insightful of you. Feel free to make an even bigger tit of yourself.

  36. Anonymous12:18 a.m.


  37. Yawn, not even original.

  38. Anonymous2:24 p.m.

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. Anonymous1:22 a.m.


  40. Frauds are, you're right.

  41. She has recently opened one of her Prayer houses in my town og Humboldt Kansas. They are also buying up any real estate that comes up for sale. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about these people. I can understand if they just wanted a prayer house fine but why are they buying up all this real estate. They are very well funded though as they have no trouble coming up with the money to get these buildings.

  42. Of course they have no problem, they have legions of the deluded bank rolling them.

  43. the womans a charlatan , my family has been deeply affected by the constant crap about saving the people of ireland , what about the other 7 billion on the plannet ? my parents both leave the home on saturday morning around five o clock and trape a 300 mile round trip to achill island ,. this has led to a break down of my family,s structure as a loving caring household. to one were i dont know what mouthful of jibberish my mother and father is going to come out with next. life is for living and enjoying. christina gallagher only fills peoples hearts with fear of whats going to happen if you dont do what ("the apparations") she say,s . this must stop and i am appalled that the irish government and church sideline this and let the people be subject to such a cult as this.
    has the church taken a stance ?

  44. Anonymous7:14 p.m.

    What the hell is going on here? Here is the truth: none of you know FOR SURE if this woman and her visions are fraud or not. Doesn't anybody have anything better to do?

  45. I have a general fixation and fascination with the subject of Religion, the history of religion and God.
    I've read many books arguing the existence of God and non existence... from Dawkins 'God Delusion' to the good ould Bible herself... to Jack Miles fantastic books 'Christ;A Crisis in the Life of God' and Prequel 'God; A Biography' and Karen Armstrongs 'A History of God'...
    I've been following Christina Gallaghers' 'messages' and website for five years now... I've also gone to the House of Prayer in Achill... I can't judge her. Ultimately though I absolutely cannot understand how she's not been investigated earlier than now by the Revenue Commissioners.. She fascinates me and you know what, if she's illegimate (which is obviously most likely to be the case) I admire her more for how brazen she has been to foil so many... of course i feel it's disgraceful that she would profit from any person or party whether she's legitimate or not.

    Has anyone heard of Betty J. Eadie? She's an interesting book and Messages too... look her up

    What about Catalina Rivas... she's extremely interesting... a fascinating character.. it's reported she does not profit a penny from her 'work'

    there are so many more...

    Almost forgot a recent discovery I made... and I have to say it's fascinating... I read all his work and really like Gallagher and other's I perceive them as though they're a Hollywood movie.. at the same time, what's happening in the world does seem to be leading us more toward doom and gloom, no matter who is a true seer... gO see as the Author there specifies I think October 4th 2011 as the last day of the Current Earth/Age/Time.. whatever he calls it.. he's interesting.. claims date lines and tells us China and Russia will join forces to war Europe... also states the US will be attacked within 90 days (i think) of April 17th 2008 by a nuclear weapon... so we're in for a lot of destruction according to him... so lets see what happens.. oh and yeah I think even though we'll all be dead he asks for 10% of your income... haha... just when you thought he was for real.. haha...
    I myself have met one elderly couple and while in their home for work purposes saw a shrine of statues many of which had rivulets of blood come from their eyes and wounds...

    no matter what I've seen smelled or read I am as lost as ever... I cannot understand anyone who 'donates' to anyone.. i'd rather be damned if I don't... it's hard grasping the fact that no two people perceive or describe 'God' in the same way no matter whether you're muslim or jew etc. so when we're quite happy to 'live' the life of God and Jesus etc. why not add all these Doomsayers to the mix...

    And then I'm a fucking gay in the village and none of them seem to like me much anyways...

    haha... i'm going to be a faggot seer...

    think people think...

  46. Oh anonymous, seriously, get a fucking life. I do KNOW Christina is milking the money for all she's worth.

  47. Anonymous6:07 p.m.

    Do not let anger and hatred eat away at you, a phyiscal realisation of it like this blog will not solve what really torments you in your soul.

  48. Anonymous7:59 p.m.

    This website has several articles detailing the errors and bizarre claims of Christina Gallagher:

  49. Ta, but I don't believe in souls neither. Neither am I angry, you don't need anger to recognise fraud, just two working eyes.

    Ta other anonymous, I saw that the CC were doing their level best to distance themselves from her.

  50. Anonymous5:22 p.m.

    Where ever there are apparitions of Jesus or Mary so there is satan also. There has been and will continue to be lies and deception made about Christina Gallagar.

    People from catholic planet and public unity and medjugorie online are very deceptive people.There are many other webs sites too.

    Medjugorje is a very holy place and so is Christina Gallager and the House of Prayer. These people who I mention above are out to destroy anything that is holy. If you go to their web sites you will see the deep apostacy that comes from them and their followers. They pit apparition against apparition .... even approved ones.

    Vicky (seeer)from Medjugorie has also said very nice and approval things about Christina Gallager. has purposly emailed all the faithful saying that this is not true. is also with Med online ... they are also with catholic planet and also with public unity ... they also have other web sites and blogs that come and go, most of which is to trash and bash Christina G and to mix up all kinds of other things concerning other apparitions, approved or non approved. They are pure evil! and your listen/reading from them and beliving their evil deception. Both and Med online will on most parts be the first ones that pop up on google ... If you go to Medjugorjes home page you will find that both these sites are not recommended.

  51. Anonymous7:12 p.m.

    Neither is catholic planet or public unity recommened on good catholic sites. All you have to do is look at forums and see who promotes them and see what they say about other matters of faith. You will find they are a pile of rubbish liers that mix truth with lies, continually arguing with the faithful, forcing their opinions and alway's having the last word.

    They plant and promote false documents concerning apparitions and come on to forums with various names promoting each other ... they are relentless with no shame and the internet is fully loaded with their apostacy as givin in prophecy at Fatima from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    All this is being allowed by God The Father in order for people to see the "how plain and easy it is to see" if you look for it, to believers and non believers. When Martin Luther King was on earth he was followed by a pastor everyday side by side ... 20 yrs or more After Martin Luther King died, the same pastor wrote a book about how Martin Luther King could not stop whoreing around, that he had women everywhere he went and how he hid it from everyone ... that is just how it goes, when ever their is someone holy or holy apparitions, satan and his cohorts are always their to confuse the people, usually winning over them, those who do not have stong faith.

    The very same thing happened in Conyor's Gorgia USA (sorry for my very bad spelling and grammar)Nancy Fawler had recieved messages from Jesus and Mary after visiting Medjugorje ... quickly people who are deceptive in the catholic faith joined up with her to say they would help promote the messages she was recieving ... in the end they all turned against her and made all kinds of stories and lies about her to confuse the faithfull who believe and confuse the non believer who might have believed,very simular what they are doing to Christina Gallagar.

  52. Complete nonsense. C Gallagher is a fraud of the highest order and anyone who buys into her 'matrix' driven claptrap needs to have their heads examined.
    My old Gamma used to say, 'There's none so blind as though who don't want to see.'
    She was right.

  53. Anonymous6:37 p.m.

    Referring to Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer at Achill, Jesus said:
    "Those who will enter this household will cause Me great anguish, but will be purified and through what you endure for my sake, many will be salvaged from the gates of hell, because the deceiver never ceases and those who seem to profess knowledge, truth and love, are those most empty of My virtues. There are many words used, but few are lived.
    "Those who will be upheld in surrender in this house will endure continual temptation and will drink of the depths of the cross.

    "But, the heart that fears not will succeed...(for emphasis)These words to be echoed to those who reign in the house.

    "I see and know all things. Not all hearts please Me but I continue to love all."

    To Christina, Jesus went on:
    "Let your heart not be troubled, little one, in what you have been reduced to, for they that judge you know little, they are the ones that pierce My heart, but your endurance and submission bring consolation to My heart...You will continually receive injustice for the world does not contain true justice, for I Am He Who is Justice and it has never known Me.

    "Those who desire to live in the justice of the world, will receive the justice of My hand.

    "Justice will be served. So many shout of truth and that they know truth. They neither know or serve truth."

    Again regarding the House of Prayer, Jesus said:
    "This is the House referred to as 'The House of Prayer' in the Book. It is truly the House of God, and it's members will have to endure many trials and sufferings."

    In reference to the coming sign Jesus said:
    "Soon the sign that will be given will be My face. My face will radiate in the skies and throughout the world more brilliantly than a thousand suns, to show the triumphant glory of the Son of God and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. For She is Immaculate - ever honored in grace before My Father. For truly I tell you, the fruit of Her womb brought the light of God into the world."
    (Christina understood that this was Our Lord bringing His Mother for the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.)

    When Christina asked when this sign would come, Jesus responded:
    "Soon, child, soon, the World will recognize it's Creator! Soon the Heavens and the Earth will change in it's seasons, the birthpangs rage in the World, but will multiply - calamity after calamity, storm after storm."


  54. This is exactly the sort of old hooey I mean. Cheers Anonymous, but actually Jesus was here earlier and he says Christina is a total fraud he also mentioned something abut fools and their money being easily parted and some other stuff about being aware of false prophets. Then he stamped my time card and left in a cloud of smoke.

  55. There are some good points written here but honestly how can anyone take them seriously when by the sounds of it some need their mouths washing out with soap and water? Obviously no Christians here hitting out or the F word would not be in their comments. Shame on you. If you had mentioned concerns with out the hate and with out the obscene language you could of been taken seriously. First take the plank out of your own eyes before trying to remove or in your case see and terrorize, your brothers.

  56. Suzy this isn't primary school, if so called Christians want to curse and swear so be it. Nobody is going to get THAT bent out of shape over it.The fact that people get so defensive about a fraud like CG is hardly surprising. Nobody likes to be made a fool of. I don't, I'm sure you don't. The difference is if I'm proved wrong on something I'm big enough to admit it. This woman Christine has pulled the wool over many an eye, and it's only now that her actions are being questioned. It's only natural that there will be anger and hurt bouncing around.

  57. Anonymous6:22 p.m.

    Having just visited the House of Prayer in Achill, I wholeheartedly share the opinion of the majority on this site. I felt the the congregation were passionate about being there - probably more than mass everyweek. However, the dedications of decades of the rosary referred to horrific imagery relating to abortion and there was a pointed mention of young people being led astray by the media...I wonder why! My Dad has been going to the House of prayer for more than 10 years and it has had an awful effect on our family - echoing that of the previous blogger (I cant imagine what it would be like to have BOTH parents going!). Not only that, he's involved in bringing busloads over. He is not the same happy, jokey person he was before. He claims that he finds solace in going there but I found the place uninspiring at the very least. Whether or not you believe the allegations, I dont see the need to congregate in a builing which is NOT recognised by the Catholic Church. What I saw in the House of Prayer was a group of people there trying to out-holy each other i.e. shout out their prayers and rattle their beads better than anyone else. I pray for its closure. If CG is so whiter-than-white then she should not be taking a PENNY of people's money. Prayer is free. There are too many more worthier causes.

  58. Awfully sorry to hear about your father Nicki, it is always extremely difficult to see a family member so brainwashed by a cynical money making machine. I hope you and yours come out the other side untarnished.

  59. God have mercy on you all, who are undermining Christina's messages. those messages do come from the Holy Spirit. God said He will not forgive those who sin against the Spirit. so be careful what you say. some atheists do sound like broken records, always with the same excuses and accusations. Christina is not out there to make any money, nor is any decent catholic in the world. some people who say they a catholics and are not, those are making a huge campaign against the church. this happens even inside the vatican, where today you will find a huge number of free masons infiltrated just to undermine everything. they are the so called, liberals, who wanna soften the dogmas and teachings in the name of human rights. rubbish...if people, for example, would take care of their bodies as temples of God, they wouldn't have the need to defend measures like condoms, contraception and issues like that. the Pope will never give up good traditional values. and i'm with him, as there are millions of catholics.
    God have mercy on you, cos you are sinning against God Himself

  60. "...some atheists do sound like broken records, always with the same excuses and accusations."

    Jaysus, the irony. Let me ses if I follow your line of thought. The pope will carry on being the head of a church I don't follow, you'll carry on following it, Christina will still be a money pinching fraud and I still won't give a shit in you or your gods.
    Good. I'm glad we cleared that all up.

  61. Anonymous8:35 p.m.

    Wow, I'm from the NY and just came across her book and started reading. I can't believe this. What about those stigmata's? Here in the states you should see all thats on TV getting rich preaching and doing healings on stage. All for money I know. We also have people from the other side that come here to churches say they have visions, collect and go back home. I'll get there names and write back. Thanks Jay

  62. Hi
    just reading some of the comments
    regarding Christine Gallagher and i have the following comments to make.
    Firstly there are some shameful,nasty,downright disgusting
    posts regarding this woman posted here ,which is uttery cowardly since she cannot defend herself and are based on specaulation and innuendo,
    this stuff you might read on the Sunday World or on the walls of a public toilet where it belongs.Everone deserves didnity and respect.
    Now I cannot say for 100% certainty that the messages she has been receiving are genuinely from Heaven .but what they say have aring of truth about them namely:
    awhile back she said "the people of Ireland are being deceived by those in power" read any paper these days regarding the greatest bank swindle in the history of our sate and her words ring true,anyone with half a brain can see we are in very serious trouble, as is america and the world,aslso my gut instinct is that this so called credit crunch and economic collapse has been deliberately created by some very powerful people behind the scenes
    follow this you tube link if you dont believe me from CNN
    OBAMA is almost being seen as a Messiah with the answer to everything,what if his package doesnt work? what then America is broke in debtfor trillions of dollars, Christine has warned of a possible One world Currency and a One World Government time will tell, conditions are now ripe for this to happen,its not science fiction anymore,the world financial system is broken, what will replace it?
    Attack and insult me if you want i couldnt care less
    time will tell what is true and what is false,if Christine is wrong then it will be obvious,all i will say keep your eyes and your judgement open before you condemn anybody,as for the sunday world its obvious its a tabloid rag of the lowest order,it doesnt take a genuis to see that.
    i tink we are in very perlious times, its plain to see,
    time will tell
    God Bless

  63. People being deceived eh? Glad she narrowed it down.
    Since people first crawled out off the dirt we've deceived each other. That doesn't make you a prophet, just aware of the world at large. And recessions come after growth, then recession and then growth. It's not exactly rocket science and so on. Life is a series of peaks and troughs.
    But hey, in times of doubt folk flock to the woo merchants, I'll be cheerfully willing to bet old Christine does very nicely out if it all.

  64. Anonymous11:27 p.m.

    Our Blessed Mother had asked for the Rosary to be said, that is, the three mysteries, Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious, in her church once a week and from the people's hearts and in the homes of the people on the remaining days of the week. Our Blessed Mother had requested the Rosary to be offered in this way for peace and the conversion of sinners. She said it was urgent, and then she added,

    "I hold Ireland in the palms of my hands. I am the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace. I want them to act on my message for Ireland. It is urgent. Please do not waste any more time. The cup is overflowing. There is no time to waste. It is urgent. I bless you my child, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."
    "God is angry with the world and with the Irish people. Ireland will not be saved unless the people respond in a positive way."

    On May 30, 1989, Our Lady expressed regret to Christina:

    "When are My children going to understand how much prayer, fast and sacrifice is needed to overcome all the darkness that overshadows the world. . .?"

    She went on to note in the same message how 'few in Ireland fast' and how 'prayer, too, is like a burden to them.' And on a separate occasion She declared; 'Tell all My children of Ireland that they must pray, fast and do penance, if there is to be peace'
    . Christina tells us, "Our Lady wants Ireland to do God's work for her. Our Blessed Mother desires that Her messages in Ireland be allowed to go out to the whole world."
    On February 22, 1988, Our Lady told Christina of Her wishes for Ireland. Once again, Her call was serious and urgent: "I hold Ireland in the palms of My hands. I am the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace. I want them to act on My messages for Ireland. It is urgent. Please do not waste any more time. The cup is overflowing. There is no time to waste. It is urgent.
    One month later, Our Lady reminded Christina of Her desire for the Irish people to assist her. "I want My children to help Me. I have a plan for Ireland. If My children will not listen to My message, they cannot help."

    The following year on May 30, 1989, Our Lady solemnly appealed to the people of Ireland to respond to the call of God. She lamented that repeated pleas from heaven were being studiously ignored but that the people would sorely regret their indifference and selfishness. "My children, the purification is on the way. How My Heart bleeds for My children, who are blind and deaf. So many try to find all sorts of excuses not to believe. Ireland will not be saved if My children do not become My messengers. There are so few in Ireland who fast, and prayer - that too is like a burden to them. My child, I want to help My children, but they reject Me every day."
    To go with these requests, Christina relates what was shown to her in 1991. This apparition was a strong warning to the Irish people.
    "Our Blessed Mother showed me the map of Ireland, very distinct and clear in black, with a black cross over it. And then tiny little specks or dots of light came on the map of Ireland. Then, there appeared a tabernacle, indicating the importance of honoring Jesus' Eucharistic presence in the tabernacles of every church.
    "What it was showing me was that if the people returned to Jesus, then the tiny little lights would get greater, and the darkness of sin in Ireland would come into complete light, be dispersed and Ireland would be renewed into the great Light of God, and the light would reach up the black cross of sin.
    "In other words, the hand of God is hanging over Ireland, because it is steeped in sin, and if the people do not make reparation, then in the purification of the world, not only is the suffering going to be intense, but Ireland will be no different from anywhere else. Christina emphasizes, "There are awful times ahead of us and anyone should be able to see it. This invitation to save Ireland through Eucharistic adoration was issued by Our Blessed Mother prior to the Maastricht Treaty referendum. The people, sadly, did not generally respond. Refusing to listen to the dangers inseparable from this Treaty, they accepted it. Shortly afterwards, many realized the moral dangers they had brought upon themselves, but it was too late."

    The Maastricht Treaty and Ireland
    In November of 1991, Our Lady said to Christina: 'Observe what will happen in the world on these three dates.' Our Holy Mother gave her three dates. (At the time the message was written down by Christina and given to her spiritual director, Father Gerard McGinnity. Christina did not know what it meant, but Father McGinnity thought the first date, December 9, might refer to the important Maastricht meeting in Holland or perhaps to a Gorbachev/Yeltsin encounter due to take place on the same day.) On December 10, when Our Blessed Mother came to Christina, she asked Our Lady: 'What was yesterday about?' and added 'Was it the meeting in Europe?' Our Lady paused and then said: 'Yes. That meeting was a sign of the power of the Antichrist. Few realize how soon he will raise himself up.'
    "On December 9, at Maastricht in Holland, a treaty was signed bearing the same name. Its aim is to unite Europe economically, but, also the formulation of security policy that would inevitably affect the legislation of would-be member states. One immediate consequence of membership of this body would be the surrender of national autonomy and the impossibility of maintaining social policies not in line with its lax and liberal legislation. 'Abortion', for example, would be considered 'a service' and the practice of homosexuality a 'personal right', and so on.
    "The second date was January 3, 1992. On that date it was announced that a major meeting in Washington would suspend regulations in order to invite the Eastern European countries to join the International Monetary Union.
    "The third date Our Lady mentioned was not as one might have expected the polling day for Ireland's vote on Maastricht. Instead, it was June 15 the day that the Irish government in a hurried move which was both panicky and manipulative - bribed the nation with a promise to farmers of a 30% grant increase if they would ratify the Maastricht Treaty. The actual polling day of June 18, fell paradoxically on the feast of Corpus Christi. One cannot but think of the pathetic and shameful parallel that as the Body and Blood of Christ was once traded by Judas for thirty pieces of silver, the Irish people, misled and misinformed, were enticed by a promise of 30% grant increases to vote Ireland into Maastricht!"
    This was a spiritual war, said Christina, that would be fought for the soul of Ireland. And in June, 1992, just before the Maastricht Referendum in Ireland and after many of the faithful prayed and called on God to protect Ireland, the Blessed Mother reassured the faithful who had responded, knowing that they would be disappointed by the outcome shortly to be disclosed. Our Lady acknowledged their prayers and sacrifices and gave the following message:

    "My children, in this hour of darkness and distress, you my dear children of Ireland are in the folding of your Mother's arms. Never let your hearts despair. Let the light of God inflame your hearts to be the light of the world. I, your Holy Mother, desire to thank you and bless you for your response.
    "My dear children, continue to respond to the call of your Mother. My love for you is beyond your understanding. You have brought great joy to My sorrowful Heart, now I offer it to God and plead with you. Be not afraid of the cry of distress you see around you. Always offer poor souls to Me in the folding of My arms. Offer Me your prayers and sacrifices. I will plead for your needs. Be at peace My beloved children of Ireland - My peace be with you."
    Five months later, towards the end of November, 1992, Christina had another powerful experience concerning the future of Ireland. During a television debate, prior to the Abortion Referendum in Ireland - a program which Christina came upon accidentally, she became physically sick with revulsion at what was immediately shown her in apparition. Our Lady was in tears. She wore a red dress and mantle dripping blood. Christina said, "I could see devils grabbing at people and the people looked as if drugged and in slow motion. Then, I could see a black beast growing up from the ground."
    At this, Christina heard the following words: Immorality, Impurity, Greed, Self-will.
    As the apparition unfolded, Christina saw little pockets or areas on the beast become clear. The people seemed as if on drugs in one area, and in another area, she saw screaming babies in their mothers' wombs.
    Later, Christina understood the spectacle in depth and its meaning for Ireland and the Church, "The uniting of the currency through Maastricht would be suppressed. A work of the Devil. Not that they would have a choice. There would be no money to keep the old or the handicapped. Only those who could support themselves would be able to live. The world would become a living hell of sickness, death, hunger, mourning and tears."
    That same night, Christina was shown more. Again, she saw the danger approaching Ireland. "I could see Our Holy Mother crying and looking at the voting paper and she said 'No!' three or four times. Then she was as if falling on her knees. At that I could see a spear of fire come from above and from behind Our Holy Mother and go through the voting paper and burn it. Flames were all around. Then, I could see the map of Ireland and the flames fell on parts of the map and burned those parts out of existence. They were the North of Ireland, the middle, which I took to be Dublin, and the bottom which I took to be Cork and the blobs of the fire also fell on different parts of the rest of the map."

    Christina's Disappointment at Our Lady's Plan for Ireland Being Ignored
    In the message from Our Lord on Monday, February 5th, 1996, (four days before the public announcement that the Northern cease-fire was at an end) Jesus stated:

    "The world will soon be in its labor pangs, soon to be delivered into the hands of the Deceiver. The pillar supports are truly to be released soon. Calamity will follow calamity. Ireland will see much bloodshed. Pain will cry from house to house. . ."

    Christina commented that it is clear the message of February 5 is very serious and ought to be heeded.
    She takes the view that it confirms what she was given in previous messages, indicating that the peace in Ireland was not going to last and that Ireland would undergo severe trials, unless the Irish people turned back to God in response to Our Lady's pleas.

    Only God's Peace can Protect - Not Man-Made Peace
    "How are you supposed to get it across to people that what I have been given by Our Lady and Jesus over the past eight years or more should be taken seriously and that they need to respond?" she asked. "It's all there in the messages, repeated over and over. There have been very serious messages before, and I have been shaken, and cried after getting them, but the vast majority of people either treat them as a joke or ignore them completely. So what do you do?"
    "Our Lady has for years, been asking and pleading and begging the people of Ireland to respond, and she promised that if we helped with her plan, Ireland would be spared from the punishment coming over the world, but the vast majority of people have ignored her pleas and have not responded," she said. "Can we not see what has been happening since 1992?"

    Angel of Ireland
    Christina has seen on a number of occasions the Guardian Angel of her native country, Ireland. When she saw this angel for the first time moving over Ireland, it was a very striking sight. Christina recognized the enormous power granted to this angel for the protection of Ireland. The only way Christina could describe this was that it was similar to, but lesser than, the power enjoyed by Blessed Michael, the Prince of all the angels. Christina could identify certain areas over which the angel of Ireland moved. Dublin and Cork were very clear to her. She said "the angel of Ireland was in pure white light. There was also a mist of light coming from him; he released it and then it scattered like a mist". Christina explained that this light was indicative of the graces people were receiving in response to their suffering and sacrifice.
    It was confirmed to Christina during an apparition of St. Patrick that this Angel of Ireland is the same one who called him back to preach the faith by relaying 'the voice of the Irish' to him following his escape from slavery here. St. Patrick indicated that we should pray to this angel for protection in our present dangers.
    When the statue representing the angel of Ireland was being blessed during Mass for the House of Prayer, such power came from the angel himself at that moment in the form of a great ball of light striking Christina that she almost passed out in this overwhelming experience.
    Our Lady's words of warning to Ireland regarding the introduction of abortion,

    'O what suffering it will bring My poor children.'

    Suffering to the little victims themselves but suffering also to those who condone it - who fail to oppose it.
    The search for money and as Jesus put it to Christina, 'the fruits of the world' is rapidly replacing loyalty to the faith in Ireland. Subservience to Maastricht is the form it now takes for us. The power given to the government of Europe will usher in a culture of greed; money will control everything.

    Previously, on May 30, 1989, when Our Lady had tried to open the eyes of the people of Ireland and call them to implement 'her plan for Ireland', she remarked:

    'How my Heart bleeds for my children, who are blind and deaf. So many try to find all sorts of excuses not to believe.'

    The Irish Love for the Mass
    But penance for sin and as a sign of love for Christ was not the only feature of Irish spirituality spread throughout Europe by the monks. "Eagerness for the Mass" was so powerfully fostered by the Irish monastic tradition that in the later centuries of persecution ordinary impoverished people would always say, "Nothing is more precious than the hearing of Mass. Never abandon the Mass, nothing in this world surpasses it."
    How Our Lady must grieve at our indifference and apathy when we can now have Mass openly celebrated at the most convenient hours but refuse to bother attending unless when necessary. How deep must be Her feeling as She appeals to us through Christina,

    "If you could see the world through My eyes you would attend Mass many times in the one day."

    A year before the horrible war in Rwanda, Christina phoned me in great puzzlement because there had appeared before her an African boy as clear as any human person in their physical reality. He looked at Christina. She asked his name. His reply meant nothing to her - Emmanuel Segastashya. In fact, she could only remember it by associating it with other similar words she had already heard like 'Emmanuel' in the Christmas carols! When she asked him what he wanted he replied,
    "Pray for my country, Burundi".
    Christina had never heard of either the person or the place. All made sense, of course, when the slaughter of the war in Rwanda engulfed Burundi and with countless victims, Emmanuel - one of the visionaries in the Church - approved apparition of Our Lady in Rwanda, was murdered.

    The United States
    On July 8, 1992, in the course of giving a series of talks in the US, Christina received a message from Jesus and witnessed an apparition of more of the coming of God's Wrath - a wrath that could also strike like lightning.

    "Oh you sinful people of this generation. Now I destroy all of you who have abandoned Me."

    Upon this utterance, Jesus suddenly appeared in the sky with His right Hand raised and His palm facing forward. He approached Christina with great speed. Suddenly, she saw big buildings crumble, topple, and disappear into a chasm. Then she saw a flash of exploding light. As the Lord approached another area, she saw a woman clutching a child while crying, "Save us! Save us for the sake of the children!"
    Then Christina saw a landslide, taking trees and everything with it. "Pray for this sinful generation," Jesus told her, as the frightening apparition faded.
    Three days later on July 11, 1992, on a balcony overlooking the city of Los Angeles, Christina had another experience. She was alone that evening as Jesus appeared. "Welcome back to My sanctuary", He said. Speaking of Los Angeles, He disclosed, "The sins committed here are beyond your comprehending."
    Later that evening, the Lord again appeared to Christina in the sky and beckoned her to the end of the balcony. He was dressed in white with a cincher around His waist. He extended an invitation to her, Come walk with Me." But she did not fully understand his meaning. After this, He came closer to her and touched her face with His fingers. When He came close, says christina, He seemed sad but not angry. But when He went back into the sky, He became firm. To His left appeared the Angel of God's Wrath whom Christina recognized from a previous apparition, dressed in red holding a sword. And beneath the angel was a dark cloud that rested over the city.
    Instinctively, Christina pleaded with Jesus to stop the angel, for she somehow intuitively sensed his mission. With this the angel retreated. Then, Jesus invited Christina to read a large book which He held open in His hand. Although the print was legible she refused to read it. She trembled before the book. She later said she could not bear to look at it. Then, above and to her left, the Virgin Mary and Saint Catherine appeared. Although she appealed to them for intervention, they failed to respond. Christina understood the time of Our Blessed Mother's call to repentance would be giving way to God's justice.
    Suddenly, flashed of lightning came from the cloud beneath the Angel of Wrath and the city below was covered with blood!
    After this, angels appeared and hovered over the city. Curiously, these angels were not sad, nor disturbed over what had occurred. Like the Virgin Mary and Saint Catherine, they seemed to understand God's will for this city.
    Although the entire happening lasted only fifteen minutes, it left Christina shaken. For days, shock and horror filled her. Later, we concluded it must have been the Book of Life referred to in the Scriptures which Jesus wanted to show her as justification for His actions on the city. The Book of Life, we know from Scripture, contains the sins of the world. Anyone whose name is not written in the Book of Life will not be saved.
    In regard to the United States, Christina was shown by Jesus - in addition to the purification of Los Angeles - a number of other places which seemed to be in a kind of streamline from Los Angeles into different parts of America. She could see the seaside on one occasion with water washing over houses and dead bodies on the ground. There were a number of different calamities that Jesus showed her which then she realized was the Justice of God. She knew and became very much aware that there were many different parts of America which were going to be hit by what people would call 'natural calamities'. But, in fact, it was actually the Justice of God in the action of the calamities.
    This raises an interesting point on which Christina elaborates further:

    'Calamities will occur until a particular level will be reached at which people could no longer call them 'natural calamities' or things that would just happen. They would finally know the calamities weren't natural when they would eventually reach a peak level. Then, people would begin to become aware there was something very wrong."

    At first people will try to explain everything away as 'natural' calamities or just 'weird happenings'. They will look to science to offer explanations. They will describe the storms etc., as 'freak'. They will not want to accept that the sins of the world are bringing all this upon us. Christina saw a growing fear in people as the events will escalate beyond anything previously experienced. They will then know that it is not 'natural'. However, they will not automatically convert by means of the increased suffering. Not all will turn to God for help at that point. Wars and troubles will give rise to atheism and disbelief as well. Despair will follow from these. So the disasters will cause some, instead of converting, to curse God. They will get more angry and, instead of growing closer to God, will sink deeper into sin. It was also in preparation for this development that Jesus told Christina,

    "Sin will grow faster than wild weed and those who believe should pray for those who do not."

    On one occasion she telephoned me to say that she had been given a very rapid vision of a vast number of people all wearing eastern-style head-dress and trapped under concrete slabs. She was merely shown the scene but not given any commentary. I told her I felt that it must be for prayer and so Christina offered the situation of these people to God. About three weeks later a calamity occurred in Iran which was reported on television and the scene which appeared on the screen was certainly the same as Christina previously witnessed. When this catastrophe occurred Our Blessed Mother spoke to Christina and said "You were shown this calamity before it took place, not to prevent it, but to prepare the souls of the people for God". The actual news event was following an earthquake in Iran which killed 5,000 people and affected 50,000 others. A huge number on their way to worship at Mecca were trapped in an underground tunnel. Now, the picture on the television screen showed them all dressed exactly as Christina had previously seen. It is wonderful to think that Christina's prayer and suffering would be taken by God to prepare so many souls for eternal life.

    Christina was invited to go to the Philippines and was wondering would it really be necessary to go. Jesus confirmed it one day at her home, by allowing her to see and hear people of the Philippines calling her name, and He explained, "These are my people of the Philippines, I desire that you go there and give them my message." Christina was still holding back, and because it did not seem possible in view of other commitments to go until 1994, she said this to Jesus, and Jesus said, " No, then it would be too late." So we went there and just as we were arriving Jesus appeared to her on the flight and welcomed her and thanked her for coming, and as he vanished the words came over the public address system that we were about to commence our descent to Manila. The perfect timing of Jesus in itself was most noteworthy, but it was at 3 o'clock the following morning that she was given the message for the Philippines, and the content of the message which did not make any sense to us at the time, made perfect sense to the Cardinal in Manila who received Christina.
    She saw Our Blessed Lady come out of a red sky, closer and closer in the apparition. Our Blessed Lady was absorbed in prayer, and Christina, saw that Our Blessed Lady approaching on a great globe of light, was about to be attacked. A huge black serpent came, and raised his head daringly, as if to strike or bite Our Lady's ankle. Christina was getting nervous as she looked at this, but then Our Blessed Lady calmly raised Her foot and crushed the head of the serpent. As She did, he squirmed over a very vast area, and she could see the people of the Philippines looking up fearfully. Then Our Blessed Lady extended Her mantle protectively over all the people, as if she could extend it endlessly, and Jesus spoke, and gave the message, which at the time we could not understand, but which made perfect sense in the light of what subsequently happened in the Philippines. Jesus spoke,

    "You, My people, are truly Mine. Through your suffering, My Mercy will save you and many who are blind. I am beholden unto you My Heart and I send to you My Mother. You will realise the value of your suffering and the power of your Mother's love and intercession. You, My people, I will save from the beast's devouring anger. My people, do not sin in impurity of body. I, Jesus, your Lord and My Beloved Mother are with you and love you. Go in peace and serve your Lord God."
    The Lord's reference to the blind was of tremendous significance, for only a few days before, a miraculous healing of a blind man occurred as Christina recited a special prayer at one of her speaking engagements, in the Philippines.
    Here she was a reluctant prophet on the other side of the world from Ireland, led right across the globe to the Philippines delivering a message, at first unintelligible to both Father McGinnity and Christina, but clear to the Cardinal in Manila. Jesus gives His message just on their arrival, directly related to a problem facing the Church in the Philippines, of which Christina could have had no prior knowledge and, because the people responded wholeheartedly with the Rosary and adoration of the Blessed Eucharist, Jesus' plan was victorious and He said to Christina before they left the Philippines,

    "Because you have come, I am able to implement My plan. The Immaculate Heart of my Mother will triumph, first in this land, and then throughout the world".

    God's purpose was resoundingly fulfilled through the response of the people. They heeded the clear call to 'purity of the body' and trust in God's protection and so resisted the attempt to foist methods of population-control upon the nation.

    It was made known to her, for example, that England would go into decline because of its lack of morality and faith in God. It would go down to such an extent that the Queen and the Monarchy in England would disappear. Work will be practically nil. There will be many, many situations of crime growing with poverty striking in several locations. But again, this will be for the welfare of the people's spiritual lives, so that in the depths of their sufferings, they can find God.
    Everyday people will find the struggle greater and greater, to the point of living on bread and water or practically starving. Then, through that suffering, many will turn back to God.

    It was given to Christina also that Russia and China have secret talks going on, and that it is in these secret talks that the danger of a third World War would lie. If we see any kind of war breaking out between Russia and China, then we can be prepared for very serious consequences. Our Blessed Mother wants us to pray that this will not take place. Specifically Our Lady expressed the desire to have Russia consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. This would 'lessen the chastisement' of the world. People who have not converted during the time of mercy will not have the grace to permit the Spirit of God to strengthen them at the time of chastisement. That is why Our Lady asks for the consecration of Russia. In 1993 She said there will be a third world war if people do not respond to Her message.
    Our Holy Mother said Jesus did not desire this. She said it was the Evil One that wanted to use the youth to be instruments of destruction.
    Obviously, the youth seem to be manipulated more easily and used by the Evil One more so than the adults. The youth seem to be the ones the Devil wants to use, in a greater way. Our Holy Mother desires that the youth of Ireland and the world be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. This is the only way to permit her to protect them. She desires that in their own free will they consecrate themselves to Her Immaculate Heart.
    When Christina was brought to Moscow in October 1992, Our Lady gave this message,

    "My beloved Daughter, my Immaculate Heart rejoices in your response to the call of your Mother's Heart. Long have I tried to sow the rich seed of grace in the hearts of my children in Russia. The desire of your Mother's Heart is for conversion, love, peace and unity to grow in the hearts of all my children. Russia is a priceless jewel that has lost its sparkle. I desire this jewel to sparkle once more to bring joy to the Heart of my Divine Son Jesus. I desire to lavish rich graces upon my children and bless them abundantly with my love.
    "I bless you and all who have responded to the call of your Mother and I bless all my children in Russia, who have remained faithful to the Good News of Christ. They are true disciples of my Divine Son Jesus. Blessed are the peacemakers and all who strive for peace. With peace there is unity and hope. All comes through love and Christ Jesus is love. I bless you all, dear children. Continue to respond to the graces I give you. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

    On December 26, 1992, Christina had an apparition related to Russia which she described as follows, and which is fascinating to read in the light of subsequent developments in the former Soviet Union especially in Chechyna though the latter part would seem as though still to come;

    "I could see Boris Yeltsin's face and he looked awful as he was very mad and hateful.
    `I could see flames of fire going higher and higher with devils surrounding it. I could see Yeltsin's face. Then I could see people running around fire and I could see Yeltsin's face in the fire. People were screaming. Yeltsin's face was so hateful and cold. It was horrible. The people were on fire, and at that time, I remember being very shaken..
    In Russia and later in a different place, or it seemed to be a different place, I saw trucks, tanks and jeeps. The boys that were in them were in the army and had some kind of greenish uniform on. I remembered, I could only see their back as they were marching. I saw one young lad, he was so young to me. He was like a child in a sense - maybe sixteen or seventeen. He looked around and directly at me. He was Oriental. And I remember him looking directly at me. He had yellow skin."

    Message received by Christina Gallagher early in the morning on March 25, 1995 from the Eternal Father.
    Know that the world that I have created stumbles in iniquity;
    It's inhabitants bathe in the pool of iniquity.
    Soon, soon many will cry out!!!!

    The heavens will open to receive what has been purified and washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb.
    I call through Jesus My Son and His Mother. Where are those who respond?
    Many pray in self-deceiving as if their Lord was to be found in sensation. I tell you the hour is close.
    Those who seek of a god of sensation, sensation they will find.
    They will drown in a pool of sensuality.
    Damned are those who seek to draw down My Hand in Justice.
    Many parts of the world will be devastated.
    France, its sins stalk Hell.
    Italy, I will burn from its pit.
    The North of America will feel its sin. Fire will rage.
    The earth will shake beyond human capacity of understanding.
    It's My Justice crying out to be fulfilled. Know I am with you.
    I have carved out in the heavens the little House of Prayer to honor the Ever-Immaculate One, the woman clothed with the sun.
    My Daughter, everywhere I look, the Light of Truth, Love, Unity - all has been extinguished. He who is anti of Me is now raised up in body (....sounds)
    Hear his roars raged against those of Mine.
    War like nothing the world has seen.
    The man of perdition will draw to himself those of the world who seek sensation, that which feeds the flesh and destroys and robs mankind of its immortal life.


  65. What a load of bollocks, I'll leave it up for the entertainment value of the raving loonies.

  66. Anonymous7:23 a.m.

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  67. for your attention
    Did you by chance read todays's Sunday Independent?
    Christine Gallagher and House Of Prayer cleared of any alleged wrongdoing by D.P.P with regard to misappropriation of funds.
    The truth always comes out in the end, you probably wont read that in the sunday world,if the latest twaddle about Britney interests you more keep reading that rag
    but please dont inflict your infantile opionions on those of us who have half a brain to distinguish lies from tabloid gossip.
    remember paper never refused ink.

  68. Anonymous5:08 p.m.

    Comments section on this post has become ruined by Christina Gallagher, some of her acolytes, and a Crumlin-based solicitor who's name you can find out pretty easily.

    It's shameful that people like her still operate these days. More shameful that we Irish choose to believe it.

    Interesting post on - - "My Mother and the Cult".

    And to the previous poster - "paper never refused ink"? Well, a fool and his money are easily parted.

  69. Cleared of what, being a fraud. Don't think so. Nobody's inflicting jack shit on you timey, your pathetic attempts at drawing attention away from her won't cut it.
    I say the boards thing, and it tallies with much of what I've heard about her and her 'ways.'

  70. Surly, if you havent met Mrs. Gallagher, you dont have a right to comment on a tabloid that contradicted itself every week!! It would be wiser to look at the website where one can see the reality of the allegations widely trown about. also I think your all a sad lot, your language is offensive and insulting to everybody. Goodbye

  71. Get over it Larry. This ain't school.

  72. Haniel7:46 p.m.

    Perhaps religious groups who charge or solicit cash in return for promises of eternal salvation could be prosecuted under some form of trade description legislation, since they are among those fraudulent organisations that accept payment for goods which they singularly fail to deliver! To promise redemption in an unproved afterlife sounds to me like fraud of the first order. Or does "Caveat Emptor", or "Let the Buyer beware" apply here?

  73. and her followers are fucking dum shits ..sorry if this language offends the milder mannered atheists..galagher supporters grow up your problems in life are created by your gullibity and fucking low IQS and that cant be fixed by some beegee in the sky

  74. Anonymous6:37 p.m.

    ok I can see that the general jist of this blog or whatever it is called is basicly a forum to attack Christine Gallagher, I do not know the lady but is it not a bit cowardly to insult and destroy the woman's name especially since she doesnt have the oppurtunity to respond?

    any clown can write what they want about anybody , but idf iw as you I would be very careful what you write as there was recent courtcase where a blogger was sued by the person who wrote some nasty and untrue stuff about them on their blog and they won their case and some substantial damages.

    So my advice to you my friend is watch your step and your words they could come back to bite you and i hope they do.

    Lastly you say that Christine Gallagher is a fraud, a money grabber blah, blah blah
    well coincidentaly visit this website he is a man from Brazil who has been receiving messages from Our Lady Queen of peace for a number of years several of the messages predicted the earthquake in Chile, and in Haiti etc and they occured as She said they would.
    so are you going to say that this Brazilian man is also a money grabbing fake??? I dont know Christine Gallagher but i keep my mind open on these things, And strangely most of the messages she was given have and are occuring

    so read carefully my friend and all others keep your eyes and your minds opened time will tell if these messages come to pass.

    i wont be responding to any more comments here because i have much better and more interesting things to do

  75. So you don't know the fraud but you want to defend her for no particular reason?
    Why that makes sense.
    And the general jist of the post was to mock the fraud, the general jist of the blog however is to discuss all sorts of issues. Do try keep up.
    Let the old fraud sue away, but thanks for the warning. I will heed it very carefully seeing it was based on a case you heard about, that was solid information. Truly solid.

  76. Jaysus, and just to be fairminded I followed that link you bothered to post, that idiot man in Brasil predicted nothing other than some shit might happen some time. WOW! No shit Sherlock.
    Seriously, what kind of stupidity do you suffer from?

  77. Anonymous7:13 p.m.

    My friend im not here to argue with you ,you are entitled to your opinions and I respect them.But I have been reading the messages given to Christine Galllagher over the years and the bottom line is they nearly all have come true.including but not exclusively the changes in weather, typhoons earthquakes,mudslides, collapse of the stock exchangee etc.

    But one of the most dramatic messages given was a message that related to a shift in the earths axis, which resulted after the Asian tsunami and even recently the Earthquake in Chile
    Read below:
    On CNN News and on RTE news bulletins in Ireland, December 29th and 30th scientists were quoted as saying, “All we can say is that the sea-bed shifted from its axis”. They were actually using the exact words of warning Our Blessed Mother had spoken to Christina on July 16, 2002 (published then on the web-site) ‘...I tell you the world has been drawn short of its axis. It is clinging to the Hand of God to uphold it through Jesus...' Not only did the foretold happening occur but was even described afterwards by scientists in the very terms predicted by Our Lady.
    Strong earthquakes have altered Earth's days and its axis in the past. The 9.1 Sumatran earthquake in 2004, which set off a deadly tsunami, should have shortened Earth's days by 6.8 microseconds and shifted its axis by about 2.76 inches (7 cm, or 2.32 milliarcseconds
    "This makes the Chile fault more effective in moving Earth's mass vertically and hence more effective in shifting Earth's figure axis," NASA officials said

    But its very strange that Our Lady is also appearing to a man in Brazil called Pedro Regis
    She is also appearing here as Our Lady Queen of peace and giving messages very similar as to those being received by those in Achill and in the House of Prayer.
    Just read them.
    Christine previously warned that we were being deceived by those in authority
    And has this not come to pass with the Banks , Property developers who will leave our grandchildren in debt till their old age? Who knows what Lisbon will bring us, and Maastrict? We live in very very strange and dangerous times .
    Now that’s how I see things , im only going on what I read , but what I read with my eyes open.

    At least read what Christine has to say and don’t get your information from the Sunday World(worst) for God’s sake.Do your own thinking. Finally have you ever actually met Christine Gallagher? I have and she struck me as a very humble , down to earth person. I met her in the House of Prayer in Achill and apart from the shop selling religious items, I saw nothing out of the ordinary or what could be construed as conning people or taking money under false pretences.
    But I have to give you credit ,you’ve done more to publicise Christine than any news paper ever would, so thanks for that im sure the whole country is now reading your blog , because ive told loads of people about it, well done.
    Now off with you back to your little blog , I have absolutely no interest in reading any other stuff you discuss therin, because if its anything like the way you’ve treated Christine Gallagher’s name then id rather read my kid’s Noddy book at least that would be stimulating.
    And yes I do stand up for Christine’s name as I would do for yours if it was the other way around.Finally do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Peace .

  78. I am just writing here to share my own personal experience,I believed in god from a distance not a bible basher at all.. I`m early thirtys,my boyfriend took me to house of prayer 10 years ago id lost my grandmother who i was very close to, so needed to get away from family fueds etc.i was sleeping in car woke up at Mulranny and beams if sun were directly on road in front of us i noticed it straight away the sun was to left then something covered the sun so you could look straight at it ,it then got closer and closer to us it was huge then zoomed back to a doubting thomas and my boyfriend hadnt told me anything about christina i can not say it was fixed messing with sun is impossible!! just a little food for thought xxx

  79. How is your fat pussy these days?
    Oi wud loike ur suppirt to investigate the profit mahammitt and if it tru as the koran sez that his 6th wife was a girl of 9...and that the koran sez the profit had a lash the same size as a one year old male donkey? I think he is a quimsniffer.

  80. Anonymous9:59 p.m.

    i am a caregiver ... time is so precious so why did i waste so much time here? those of you who have the ability to walk and talk should be doing something to help those less fortunate no matter who you are or what you do or don't believe in.

    i will not be here to read your insightful witty responses - find something better to do with your time people.

  81. Anonymous5:42 p.m.

    Dunno, doesn't bother me if you read or comment or don't.

  82. FMC. Like you, I am astounded by the way people allow themselves to be taken in by fraudsters. This Christine individual is a real piece of work. Can there be anything more cruel than giving false hope to people who are worried and afflicted.
    I do not understand how the law allows these individuals to operate.

    Across the water it is just as bad.
    Look at this! An individual going by the name of George Anderson charges as follows: (I thought there was a recession in USA too)!
    He is booked up solidly.
    Cost per session: (prices in US dollars)

    1 or 2 persons 1200.00 (children under the age of 16 may attend at no additional charge)
    3 persons 1700.00 (attendees may be related, or unrelated and sharing a session*)
    Family Session 2000.00 (The family rate is for up to six immediate family members)

    The telephone sessions can be placed anywhere in the world.

    cost per session: $1200.00 (The cost of the call is included in the session fee.)

    People will blithely pay out this sort of money to con artists, and yet they would balk at paying the normal fee charged by a good counsellor.


  83. There is a difference between fraud and clairvoyance and holiness.

    Christine may be a money hungry bitch, and I have no idea if she is "holy', but she seems to have the gift of clairvoyance.

    If nothing else, just look at her warnings about joining the EU when all the "experts" were assuring you it was the greatest thing since sliced bread (as the old saying goes). Now look at Ireland's problems....

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  104. Anonymous5:32 a.m.

    Ya think these ones are false too there BiG AsS MoMmY!! your the expert!.

    The Hopi Indians have been waiting for the Blue Star! they also believe strongly in the bible. They say when the Blue Star arrives it will bring a Great AWAKENING and Great Purification, the same as our Warning and Chastisement.

    “The Blue Star”
    March 22nd, 2013

    The following visions were given to me during the rosary at the Marian Movement of Priests cenacle (March 22nd) , and the message was given to me after receiving the Eucharist April 14th):

    I was shown over several consecutive weekly MMP cenacle’s, a pair of scales….evenly balanced at first..then one side suddenly went down very quickly…..and next I saw a huge hammer slam down on the scale that was weighted down…which was symbolic of the sins weighing down the scale of course …..the hammer symbolic of God’s justice….I was told..that our infrastructure will go down soon.

    Then it was as if I was “flying” (for lack of better description) behind a comet…only this comet had blue tinges around the edges..and was actually blue….and it had a blue tail…..and I heard…”the blue star will be upon you soon….” I have been shown this comet many years ago….but tonight is the first time Jesus has called it “blue star”…. I have never been given a name for this comet….so I was quite taken aback.

    In the blackness of space this ball of (seemingly like) fire, the comet, the heavenly body passing very, very close to earth……but this time it was as if I was in a field, and I was actually hoeing weeds, then I look over to my left and I see this heavenly body pass on the horizon, not falling to earth, but “passing by”……then there were scenes of intense devastation, having come from earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, magma, tsunamis, wind….very high winds….it was if the trees were almost bent in two……

    Then I “felt” more than heard the thunder that will accompany the passing of this comet; this thunder will be a sign of the approaching moment when we will be oblivious of any person around us as we experience the illumination of our consciences; a moment in time that will stop as each person experiences it at the very same time; it will be like our “particular” judgment, that judgment every soul goes through at death. We will be shown everything as a movie. I am sure you have heard and read many “after death” experiences of people coming back and sharing that their life “passed before them”….that is what we will experience. ”

    Another statement by “Sadie Jaramillo”

    Message to John Leary

    October 8, 1999

    Jesus said: “My people, you will see a major celestial event when a part of a comet will effect the earth, but not the final chastisement. Many will be frightened by this event, but it will coincide with My Warning experience. As you all see your sins and how I would judge you, some may be frightened also to see their judgment in how you offended Me. Everyone will be given a knowledge of My love and a new sense of right and wrong according to My ways. You will be given a second chance to reform your lives and make your souls right with Me in Confession. Those, that do not heed this Warning and follow the Antichrist, will be led down the broad road to hell. Focus your love on Me in My Real Presence of the Host, and you will have the strength to endure the coming tribulation.”

  105. Anonymous5:34 a.m.

    June 26 2013
    Jesus said: “My people, awhile ago I gave you a message about the coming Ison comet as a sign of the Warning. Today, I am telling you that this comet is not only a sign, but it is an omen of bad things coming such as the evil of the Antichrist in the tribulation. You are seeing signs of war, signs of financial instability, and signs of riots in various countries. My faithful need to have all of their preparations ready for when you will have to leave for My refuges. My refuge builders also need to put the finishing touches on their preparations for food, water, and bedding that will be shared with My pilgrims. My faithful should think of themselves as pilgrims because they are coming to a place of holy ground where there will be perpetual Adoration at every refuge. They will have My angels protecting them, and they will be healed of all of their health problems when they look upon My luminous cross in the sky.”

    May 7 2013..Jesus said: “My people, some of you are aware of the Ison Comet that will come close to the earth around November and December. I showed you this in an earlier message, but I did not mention the significance of this comet. Your astronomers are telling you that this comet will appear as brighter than a full moon. I told you that the meteor over Russia was a sign of a war coming. Now you are seeing how Israel is protecting itself by a second bombing of potential missiles in Syria that were headed to Hamas. I also gave you a sign of the coming financial problems after Pope Francis was elected. Now, I am telling you that this comet is a sign of the coming Warning. I will not give a date for the Warning, but I have told you many times that it is close. In the vision of the circling stars, you could tell that this was connected to the Warning. Once the Warning occurs, events will be moving quickly to allow the Antichrist to come into power. My faithful need to have your backpacks, tents, and sleeping blankets ready for when you will have to leave for the safety of My refuges. Have trust and faith that I will protect My faithful from the evil ones.”

  106. Anonymous1:19 a.m.

    Here's a couple more for ya!

    A very compelling prophecy was issued on April 06, 2013 by the Christian Mystic or Maria Divine Mercy about the Great Comet ISON.

    “My dearly beloved daughter, the stars will soon change and the time for the comet to appear, of which I spoke, when people will believe that there are two suns, is close. Soon the wondrous spectacle will be seen by humanity, and there will be heard the sound of thunder, and it will seem that the two suns will collide.

    My Rays of Mercy will fall on every human soul, including those who will be blinded by the Light, so dark are their souls. When the sound of thunder is heard, a quiet calm will then descend over the earth and the stillness will be deafening. No sound will be heard - only the sound of My Voice imprinted on the souls of the wretched.

    I will be like a ray of sun, which will make every single fault, every sin and cry of despair, become clearly visible in the eyes of the sinner.

    There will be wailing and a deep sense of sorrow felt within the hearts of men, as they come face to face with the state of their souls. All will remain still for fifteen minutes, and then life will become like before, as if this miracle did not happen. In those, whose souls were touched by the Truth, life cannot, nor will it ever be the same again. They will then follow Me, My Teachings and they will convert in billions.

    My Messages will become their daily food and along with My Most Holy Eucharist, they will need nothing more. So strong will they become that nothing will stand in their way, nothing will intimidate them, or slow them down, as they march in My remnant army towards My New Paradise.

    The others will be told that The Warning was caused by a disruption in the earth’s atmosphere and it will be easily explained away. But it will be a lie, for they do not want to acknowledge the Existence of God. If they were to do this, they would not be able to complete their plan to deceive the world into accepting the empty promises of the antichrist.

    When miracles of God are witnessed on such a grand scale, know that My plan to bring humanity into the realm of salvation is in the final stages.

    Go, My loyal followers, and trust always in My promise to salvage all souls. My Mercy is great and My Power almighty.”
    Saturday, September 28, 2013
    Jesus said: “My people, this picture of the stars moving around in a circle, is another sign of the Warning coming, as signaled by the coming ISON Comet. If America has trouble with getting a Continuing resolution or defaults on its bills, you could see a time of confusion that could bring on the Warning. If America is drawn into a Middle East war, your finances would also be in danger. When the ISON Comet becomes bright from the sun, this could still give quite a show in the sky. Continue to keep going to frequent Confession, so your soul is ready if you are faced with a mini-judgment from your Warning experience. You are seeing signs for its coming, and the people need a wake-up call to prepare for the coming tribulation.”

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  111. PART 1 Of 2
    I write here not because I desire to but because I feel an overwhelming compulsion to.
    I would request in advance that those reading, do so with an open heart and mind, having made that request only you will know if you do so or not. But if you come here with a prejudice or an axe to grind then don’t waste your time, this is not for you. There are far too many other things to get angry about and a lot more fun too. Allow us to pass each other on the road with courtesy and respect as travelers going in different directions on our soul journey.
    First and foremost I will state categorically I am a follower of the messages of our Lady of Medjugorje. My journey began many years ago when I reached a crises in my life and wished to end it It was then that Mary came into my life in a manner that was undeniable and inescapable. I was raised in the catholic tradition but rejected it as I matured. I attended church as child but even then I had a deep distrust of clergy and stayed well clear of them. To me the hypocrisy was evident, palpable and repugnant. The bullying behavior, the holier than though attitude, the physical and mental abuse foisted upon the congregations was evident and ever present and so I like many others saw though this and abandoned it, I was therefore by no means a disciple when Mary entered my life.
    At that moment of crises, alone and very lost I found the book “Visions of the Children” in my hands ( it appeared on an outdoor book stall in the west village in New York where I lived at the time I have not seen another copy anywhere since ) I then after reading the book decided to visit Medjugorje and my life changed. The events I witnessed and my direct experiences left me with no doubt as to the validity of the apparitions and events going on there. I do not care who doubts it I do not care what the Catholic Church says about it. I was there I experienced it you don’t need to believe me I don’t care. From that point on Mary has been a foundation in my life and an ever present guide and protector, friend and mother.
    I could go on for ever about how I feel about it but that is for another day. The reason I am writing here is to share my experience around Christina Gallagher.
    Since my initial pilgrimage to Medjugorje I have spent a great deal of time researching other reported apparitions and of course Christina Gallagher came up as part of that. I read the reports and the dissensions and am quite aware of the controversy surrounding her. I took it in but did not come to any conclusions. ( There are many detractions round Medjugorje also and they are all bunk so it is to be expected)
    So recently as of 2018 there were posted dire warnings on her website for the fate of New York (where I live) unless a house of prayer was put in place immediately. To that end there were two meetings held in New York in 2019. The first officiated by the priest who is her spiritual advisor and the second which was held in October of 2019 with Christina also present. I attended both.
    I attended with an open heart despite the controversy surrounding her. I went because I felt Mary calling me to do so. The same as I felt when going to Medjugorje
    I left with the absolute conviction that this is not worthy of belief.
    Both events were advertised as discussions on her messages but were solely for fund raising. Prayer was almost completely absent from both. The first gathering was started with a rosary and I felt Mary’s presence profoundly during the prayer. The priest than took the stage and treated those gathered to a diatribe of fear mongerImg, bullying and self righteous indignation. I paid no attention to him as his performance was classic Catholic tripe. I expect little from priests and he did not disappoint so his perspective did not dismay me as I came to pray and I did so.

  112. PART 2 OF 2
    I left with the awareness that Mary was present there in the manner I had experienced in Medjugorje but I was also confused as the rest of it was complete rubbish and something I would and did discard as trash.
    So a few weeks ago I suddenly get the urge to go to Ireland and the night I decided to go I get a text that Christina Gallagher would be holding a second meeting regarding her prediction for New York. I have learned on my journey that there is no such thing as a coincidence and knew immediately that Our Lady wished me to attend this event which I did. I struggled deeply with this as I had concurred based on the previous meeting that this whole thing was a nothing burger. But the calling to go was overwhelming and so I did. This was even worse than the first and far more sinister in nature. Barely 10 mins was devoted to prayer which Christina led in one decade of the rosary and then went into her monologue regarding her life story yada
    yada yada. Up next was the Priest with essentially the same presentation as the previous meeting, with perhaps a larger sprinkling of self righteous indignation and a hefty dose of passive aggression regarding the pledging of money to their cause. I left at the intermission.

    My overall feeling was of a carnival fortune teller, I left feeling troubled and disconcerted, not the feelings you get from Mary. I do not believe Christina Gallagher nor her spiritual adviser and particularly her random and vague predictions and pronouncements have any validity whatsoever.
    No accounting was offered regarding the donations how much they were looking to collect, how much had been collected, nor what was to be done with the funds should they fail to procure this “House of Prayer” All red flags.
    I will not call her out as fraudulent as I do not know her motivations. I do not know if it is a deliberate con or simply a misguided individual, not for me to say.

    My Overall Insights

    Mary is present when we pray the rosary and especially so when we do so as a group, even in situations such as I have described above. This is from personal experience, not conjecture.
    Miracle healings occur all the time and do not require an apparition nor a visionary to facilitate them. They simply require faith, prayer and commitment.
    The primary message of our Lady is a call to prayer,
    I can attest that the Rosary is an effective prayer and I pray it constantly it has and does provide solace and protection especially in times of great crises. When faced with the question what can I do ? You can pray, everyone anyone, you don’t need a church, a temple, a priest, a rabbi, a pastor nor a house of prayer make your own house a house of prayer.
    Mary, Jesus and God are about love not fear.
    Mary has said “If you truly understood how much I love you you would cry”, I do and have it is overwhelming, there is nothing on earth that can compare, for those who have experienced it, you know to what I am referring to those who have not it is my hope that you may.
    It is not to whom Mary speaks it is who chooses to listen.
    Stop being afraid of God, God is love not fear, fear is that which draws us away from God.
    Seek Truth above all else. Start with yourself be truthful and honest with yourself if you are not how can you expect anyone else to be?
    You cannot trust anyone who lies, regardless of the justifications, but you can forgive them.
    So I end with saying to those who have received the call from Mary heed it. Pray, Pray Pray.
    Pray for those around you, your family, friends, those you do not know. Walk your path and do not be dissuaded, do not impose your will not beliefs on others, this is a choice and if you wish to have respect for your choices it would behove you to respect others. And for those who do not pray nor believe be at least respectful to those of us who do.
    The world is not black and white, the more we know the more there is to know our consciousness is ever expanding

    Thank You.

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    Irrigation and agriculture



  119. مراجعة شاملة لتصميم الجرافيك

    من الناحية الفنية ، اكتسب التصميم الجرافيكي أهمية كبيرة في عصر العلم والتكنولوجيا الحديث. إنه ، في الأساس ، اندماج قطعة من المعلومات والتكنولوجيا أيضًا. لا يمكن التغاضي عن تخصصها الهائل. يمكن رؤية خبرتها الفنية في كل مجالات الحياة المتعلقة بمجالات تكنولوجيا المعلومات. يعتبر علمًا مستقلاً يتعامل مع المهام الموكلة إليه مليئة بالتحديات. إنه ليس مجالًا ثابتًا ، فهناك أنواع مختلفة من الابتكار في هذا المجال. هذا العلم يتغير مع مرور الوقت. إنه ليس علمًا ثابتًا ولكنه يولد حداثة في المجالات المرتبطة به.

    لقد لوحظ وجود علاقة قوية بين التصميم الجرافيكي والكتابة والطباعة والنشر لأنها تُضفي تغييرات ملحوظة وحداثة في المجالات ذات الصلة بتكنولوجيا المعلومات. هذه العلاقات القوية تجلب نتائج رائعة. إنه بالفعل عمل مبتكر يتعامل مع الإبداع. ينقل العديد من العاملين المهرة خدماتهم الفنية إلى المهام الموكلة إليهم لتحقيق نتائج خاصة. في مجال تصميم الجرافيك الإعلامي حصل على الكثير من التقدير بسبب ابتكاراته الرائعة التي أحدثت ثورة في مجال وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي. لقد برزت بالفعل أهميتها في جميع المجالات ذات الصلة تقريبًا. إنها الآن جزء من معلومة سريعة النقل يمكن أن تغري مشاهديها على نطاق واسع بأفضل الطرق الممكنة ،

    يكشف تاريخ تصميم الجرافيك عن الاختلافات التقنية والحقائق الرسومية التي تقدم الكثير لقرائها. لقد قمنا بتقييم أفضل للمراحل المتعددة من تاريخها عبر مراحل مختلفة منذ بدايتها في أوائل القرن العشرين. يكشف كيف كانت أوروبا تنقل تخصصها من خلال الأبحاث التقنية وكيف كانت تعتبر موطنها الأول. يمكن الوصول بسهولة إلى الدور الذي يلعبه المصممون الرواد من خلال الأدوات الفنية المختلفة. يجب أن نعرف العوامل التي جعلته علمًا مستقلاً.

    يمكن الوصول إلى اتجاهها الفني من خلال إتقان الفنيين الخبراء الذين بذلوا قصارى جهدهم لتحقيق ابتكارات لا مثيل لها في المجالات التقنية ذات الصلة. يعد تصميم الرسوم البيانية الآن علمًا واسع المعرفة حقق الكثير من التطوير الذي دعا مصممي الجرافيك القادمين لإيجاد الحل الممكن من اختيارهم لجلب المزيد من الابتكارات في مجالات تصميم الجرافيك.

    تصميم الجرافيك هو فن ومهارة مفيدة وهي ضرورة تقييم المهارات الفردية وخصائص الكوادر في المجال بالإضافة إلى قصر المفهوم الكلاسيكي لمصطلح التصميم الجرافيكي على أنه تصور وهمي من خلال تنظيم عوامل نظرية أو خيالية. بمرور الوقت ، أحدث تصميم الجرافيك تغييرات ملحوظة مليئة بالتخصصات الفنية من أجل نقل مجموعة متنوعة من الموارد لمستخدميها الذين يمكنهم التعامل مع الموارد وفقًا لاختيارهم الخاص وذوقهم الرسومي. يستخدم مصممو الجرافيك في جميع أنحاء العالم تقنياتهم لإحداث المزيد من التغييرات المبتكرة لجعل مجال التصميم الرسومي أكثر إحكاما وجاذبية مما يوفر الكثير لمستخدميه الذين يمكنهم جلب ابتكارات متعددة وفقًا لاختياراتهم الخاصة.

    التسويق عبر السوشيال ميديا

    التسويق المحتوي

    تصميم الجرافيك

    خدمات التصميم والتسويق