Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dolce and Gabanna update.

Dolce and Gabanna have pulled their rather oily 'art' advert due to the hostile reactions it garnered. Dolce says the ad was meant to "recall an erotic dream, a sexual game."
But last month when the Spanish government demanded that D&G's 'fantasy' rape ads be withdrawn, he wasn't quite so coy. The country was coping with a wave of crimes against women at the time and public outrage was high. The designers complied, but said that Spain was "behind the times." That claim got harder to maintain on Friday when 13 Italian senators also demanded that the photo be taken out of circulation. On Tuesday, Stefano Gabbana said that they did not mean to "cause controversy," and were pulling the ads.
They didn't mean to cause controversy? Bwaaahaahah, sure, good luck with that.
Huzzah. Sell your clothes but leave the oil/rape/ porn to the pornographers.



Anonymous fluttttt said...

I love the cat in the basket!

5:38 p.m.  
Anonymous flutt said...

Oh God, funny story. I am still here about, like, 10 minutes later, still playing with the cat on the screen. Our office cat was, WAS, sitting quite contented beside me until he heard the mewing of the 'cat'. He has now gone in search of said cat, knocking stuff off the counter and leaflets, and drugs (not that type mind) and phones and .....

5:52 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

I used to do that to the smaller of cats all the time, I'd play cat sound really loudly and freak him the fuck out. Sigh, happy days, he's figured it out now and really, only exploding brown paper bags behind them when they are sleeping is the only torment I can inflict.

6:14 p.m.  
Anonymous Eva said...

I was gonna comment on the ad, which I thought was a pretty ugly marketing trick, but I got led astray by the cat comments.

Oh how I miss having cats that you can tease all day long! The paper bag is an old favourite hahaha! Loved the pics you posted of them in the garden, how are they coping? I'm guessing they love it?

8:33 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

They're having a ball, there's an all out war between them and some neighbouring cats, hilarious, every morning I let them out and they take off in an almost military formation to check the boundaries and outposts. Daft as brushes the lot of 'em.

10:21 a.m.  
Blogger Face said...

The 'cat' meows?
I have sound. Why no meow?

10:30 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Hold and click.

11:08 a.m.  

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