Tuesday, August 22, 2006


There are some noises that can literally drive a person crazy. Car alarms at three in the morning, a bored dog barking for hours on end, Puddy when she is looking for ham, Memnoch when he is being sarcastic, mobile phones with stupid ring tones, mobile phones, phones, people who say 'like' at the end of every sentence, People who murder songs or over sing them like xtina, my mother when she think she is being sly, people who snort a lot when they laugh...the list is endless. But we, as adults, must accept that in life there is a certain amount of tolerance required. Sometimes we must put up and shut up. We can switch off radios, move away from people who say 'like', ignore phones, turn ringers down and bury our heads under the pillow while vowing revenge.
But this story is sad. That poor kid must be going crazy. But by the same token why court? If the construction company has offered to help relocaate the family why are they there? Construction work drives everyone crazy, drilling and hammering, trucks beeping and men whistling...it is almost unbearable. But it happens to everyone. The child affected is autistic and must be suffereing terribly, but it is not the job of a contruction company to care for him or minimize his distress, it is the job of the parents.


Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I agree. Court's not the answer to this one.

Poor wee bloke. I hope the family take the relocation in the meantime.

5:23 p.m.  
Anonymous ronnie said...

My sympathies go out to the young lad with the sensitive hearing,my youngest has something similar and never fails to reduce the volume on the car-radio whenever she is with me.

But have you noticed how noisy building sites have become (I was going to do a post on it but didn't bother).There was a time when all you heard was hammering and whistling,now all you hear is the noise of pneumatic drills,Con-saws,electric saws and grinders of all descriptions and assorted mixers.They are noisy cunts.

1:53 p.m.  
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