Sunday, October 28, 2007

Motivation for Fatcats. The Marathon.

Tomorrow is M-Day, I collected my bib number and timing chip from the RDS yesterday afternoon. I'm going to do nowt today but eat, check the route, my clothes, my jelly collection, my route again and twitter at the paramour. I feel portly and rotund from lack of running this week, which is ridiculous as I am neither, but this must be my version of pre-race angst.

I have purchased an OMM pouch- a fanny pack to you and me. Remarkable thing the OMM, I can fit all my gels, jellies, and a small bottle of energy drink into it and it doesn't jiggle at all. So lightweight. Colour me impressed.
I shall charge my iPod to the max and organise my music into running categories, 'terrible start, weeeee, tired legs, second wind, dreamy pace, steady pace, the wall, enter the dragon and the lands of Mordor.' For each of these I will have the correct soundtrack, meticulously timed to coincide with each phase as I poodle along.
It is a shockingly early start tomorrow. According to my race info I am to be in town no later than eight AM, which means I must be up and eating by half six. Half six! I ask you! Who can eat at that hour? This is why I am up early today so that I might sleep tonight.
It occurred to me yesterday at the RDS -as I watched groups of what I later described to Finn as 'real runners' chatting and greeting each other- that I trained alone for this marathon. But that's not true is it? I ran alone, nowt but me and the music, but actually I had you lot, you who have been hella solid in all your support as I went from huffy puffy 5k to a 30k run.
The paramour has been a true buttress too, whenever I have a 'what the hell am I doing' moment, he just says, 'you can do it' and lo, I believe him. (He is going to pick me up and get me home tomorrow after I will be right as rain. And after rum and food and painkillers and more rum I should be stellar)

So I just want to say thanks again for the last few months. It sounds ridiculous but you, my interwebby chumlies, have been the most delicious support and I'm chuffed to have you. It makes a difference, oh yes, it makes all the difference in the world.
YOu can do this Melvin.
Mwoah Mwoah.

Update- I"m back home, With mah medal! I will do proper post tomorrow, feeling fine, a bit sore and achy but also a bit high as a kite. Hit the wall slightly at 22 miles, but got through it and according to Miss Finn I finished faster than the half marathon to 30k mark, which frankly is a bit of a mystery to me. I was over the five hour mark, but as I always say, fatcats are not speedy.
Thanks a million for all the good wishes, you are darlings.
I must go, there is dinner and rum.



Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Best luck tomorrow, sweetheart. I'll be thinking of you as you beat down the miles.

I'm off my head at the moment - it's 3.32 and I've just got in after stellar night at the bar. And as you know we Celts are inclined to the maudlin in the wee, potent hours but I'll try to keep it to a minimum: You're the best fmc, the best. You're my first port of call every day and you'vr come such a long way in training for this marathon. Bloody inspiration is what you are. Proud of you, hun. Run your socks of!! We're with you all the way. Not, of course, in any way that matters, like the running part but the teachers are moving elsewhere.

OK that;s enougfh. Love ya, FMC. Go she 'em what's what

10:41 a.m.  
Blogger aquaasho said...

Yeah give it socks FMC and enjoy every minute! Think of nobody and nothing else but your own reasons for doing it and when you see the walking wounded at 18-20 miles, ignore and keep positive, head up. Where you are, there will be more people behind you than ahead of you. Guzzle lots of water today and stay sitting down.
I've just come from the breakfast run and there were lots of Americans there who are the most positive minded people on the planet so stick with some of them if you can. Their supporters got me through a couple of marathons!
Enjoy enjoy, I will be in the baggage area thinking about you all the way! You've so much to be proud of.

11:57 a.m.  
Blogger grimsaburger said... should be sooo proud of yourself. Hell, I don't know you from Adam and I'm proud of you. Have a great run tomorrow and kick ass!

12:18 p.m.  
Blogger Medbh said...

I hope you can actually sleep tonight, FMC. You are going to be on fire tomorrow ripping through those kilometers like a hot knife through butter. You've come so far and are totally ready.
I'm so proud of you and am sending good vibes across the water for you on the big M day.
Don't forget to enjoy yourself!

12:29 p.m.  
Blogger Twenty Major said...

Good luck. I'll raise a bank holiday pint for you in Ron's tomorrow.

I think he's just gotten in a new box of number 7 too.

1:05 p.m.  
Anonymous eva said...

Good Luck, FMC!!

3:38 p.m.  
Blogger John Mc said...

Break a leg.... ahmm, actually don't, don't do that at all.

4:09 p.m.  
Blogger PI said...

how I'd love to be there to cheer you on. I always find runs emotional - my son does half marathons. A full blown one would have me a wreck. God speed!

4:33 p.m.  
Anonymous Bonnie said...

Why Twenty, my goodness - that was almost mushy!! No wonder FMC puts up with you and your grouchiness.

The best of luck to you tomorrow FMC - wind at your back and all that. You don't know us and we don't know you but that doesn't mean you won't be on our minds tomorrow. Save a little strength for blogging please because I know I speak for all of us when I say we'll be pounding the keyboard checking the site for news of the marathon.

Run your little legs off lady!! And good luck!

5:55 p.m.  
Anonymous STIPES212 said...

as this is your first one, what you need to do is just use ONE ear phone. you can't miss the fantastic atmos. I'll be at 20 mls enviously cheering, all the bravehearts. whatever you do, savour the experience. Its brilliant.GOOD LUCK

7:10 p.m.  
Anonymous laughykate said...

Oh good luck. Really hoping that none of your vital organs decide to shut down in protest half way round - mine certainly would.

7:42 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Thanks so much, you are all awesome.

8:17 p.m.  
Blogger ManicMammy said...

Good luck and most importantly enjoy it. Twill be no bother to ya, you've put in the hard work already. It'll be an achievement to be really proud of. Congrats in advance!!

11:14 p.m.  
Blogger Canadian Girl said...

I'm very proud to be considered one of your interwebby chumlies. Best of luck and we'll be cheering you on 'round the world - I've got western Canada for you!

5:19 a.m.  
Blogger The Hangar Queen said...

I was cheering a mate in the Marine Corps marathon today but I was thinking of you.

5:35 a.m.  
Blogger Caro said...

You'll fly it - be sure to let us know how you got on (after the rum and painkillers of course) :)

9:07 a.m.  
Anonymous sheepworrier said...

Go on ya good thing!

9:20 a.m.  
Anonymous Shebah said...

All the very best, FMC. I am humming the Chariots of Fire tune and egging you on. Go, go girl!

11:07 a.m.  
Blogger gayé said...

Hi FMC! I was at the first water station today, volunteered to hand out water bottles and then clean up after everyone made it through.
I was hoping to have a glimpse of you, LOL although I had no idea what you looked like! I felt like yelling FATMAMMYCAT ANYONE???
My God, I have so much respect for people who can do marathons and triathlons and all the sports that require the endurance and patience as such.
How did it go? With all the preparation you did I am sure you did wonderfully!
Big hugs, I was so excited for everyone racing/running/jogging/walking today.

12:10 p.m.  
Blogger Willie_W said...

There has to be someone like you, FMC, to balance out the lazy buggers like me who wouldn't even run to answer the phone in another room.

Hope you've had a wonderful day.

12:34 p.m.  
Blogger Rosie Cheeks said...

hope you're home with your feet up, nursing a beer and a sense of achievement.

1:29 p.m.  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

Go girl go! Look forward to reading how it went

1:47 p.m.  
Anonymous Nonny said...

The very best of luck sweetie, I hope you are duly rewarded for your hard work and dedication. GO TEAM!!!

2:19 p.m.  
Blogger Flirty Something said...

good luck / well done ??

3:19 p.m.  
Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Keep on running
Keep on ru huh huh huh ning...

3:29 p.m.  
Blogger Medbh said...

Hopefully you're resting in your cups by now.
Can't wait to hear how it went!

7:42 p.m.  
Blogger Twenty Major said...

We waited all evening for you in Ron's. So we drank the rum we had put aside for you.


10:50 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

You might as well drop over, as we have run out....

11:21 p.m.  
Blogger grimsaburger said...

Well done, lady!

12:18 a.m.  
Blogger aquaasho said...

If you've "run out" of rum you must be celebrating!!! Congrats congrats!!

6:32 a.m.  
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