Friday, September 22, 2006


While out gadding about last night I ran into a few friends of mine and as these things are wont to do we headed directly for a quiet little pub to catch up.
Over a few pints of Carlsberg (4, and I'm paying for it today)the conversation veered and dipped and got louder until somehow we found ourselves talking about dreams, or more accurately, nightmares.
When I had concussion I had some real doozies. Falling, breaking my teeth, trying to run but finding my actions treacle like and slow-mo, stuff that didn't exactly nead a Freudian scholar to work out. But that was just during the day. At night, free from the usual numbing effects of sleeping tablets, my mind was in a league of its own and I ran screaming down the corridors of every ghoulish place my mind could make up. It didn't help that the mobile loving wench in the bed next to me cried for someone called 'Bappy!' every night either.
Then one of the party admitted to night terrors, he said his wife frequently wakes him up. He says he flaps his arms about and is so scared he can't even scream, all he can do is groan and flap.
One of the other chaps said he sleep walks and his girlfriend found in him the bathroom a few months back running a bath. When she asked him what he was doing he said he had to 'cool them down'
When she naturally asked who? he got distressed and wanted to know why she couldn't seem them. He was still asleep.
Collectively we all seem to have the same dreams or a variation of the same. There's being chased, fighting, driving cars/riding bikes that have no power and just creep along, trying to run but our legs don't work. We've witnessed people being murdered right in front of us. We've hid from monsters and killers and ghosts, hiding in general. Strangly, we've all been attacked by large animals, lions, sharks, huge dogs, for me a bear and I once watched Puddy being eaten by a tiger and woke up crying and overwhelmed with a feeling of loss.
Then there is the familiarity of some dreams, you know where you are in the dream, you can can almost control it. You say to yourself, "hold up, I"m not opening that red door, I remember what happened the last time, DON'T I MISTER BEAR!"
Sometimes if frightened we can wake ourselves up. Wake up! And poof we're awake, heart shuddering in our chests. Once or twice I've woken myself up, only to slither right back into the dream again after I return to sleep. That sucks.
On the flip side then there are the other dreams, strange, almost movie like dreams, with casts of characters, I solved a murder recently in a shopping centre and am frequently on horseback-very happy dreams. One of the party regularly dreams about saving the life of a girl he knows from drowning, he is on television afterwards being congratulated and a little boy pulls his sleeve and says, 'but mister, she's dead.' and when he turns around she still standing there with a blanket wrapped around her, but clearly a moving corpse. But he says it's not a scary one.
Sometimes I can fly and fly well, gliding and soaring free and unburdened. That's one of my favourite dreams right there and I love the feeing as I run and then swoosh I am airborne.
By pint three we all admitted we have fairly erotic dreams on a regular basis. Strangers, present lovers, past lovers, unsuitable places, unsuitable people you swear in real life you don't fancy at all- and you don't, but at night they are transformed in hot, deep breathing, strong love machines and the first kiss sets you on fire. Teachers, singers, actors, Simon Cowell. Filthy, public, sweaty, pounding headbangily good sex, the kind of sex that makes us blush for a second at some point the next day when you get a flash of it and say tee-hee to yourself.
As nightmares go, there are lots to chose from, but we all agreed last night only a few that so terrified us we have never forgotten them and perhaps that is for the best.
The year my father died I had the most vivid and terrifying dream of death that for weeks afterwards I wept every time I thought of it. I can still remember it in full detail to this day and I can still recall the absolute screeching sickening, heart-stopping horror of being unable to escape or plead with the thing that came for me.
I don't know the cause of dreams, possibly just our tired minds sorting through the jumble of information it takes in every day.
That said, I don't believe all dreams are that, just dreams. I do believe a certain amount of interpretation is good. I've had some crackingly useful dreams about stuff and was able to use some of the information my sleeping mind garnered and put it to use.
Odd, but true.
Dreams, I am not against them, but I would like to hear if any of you share the same type of dreams.
And it's Friday! Yay!


Anonymous Cate said...

I dream like a acid tripper. All types all kinds and I do believe alot of them are open to interpretation. I can't swim, I panic in open spaces of water yet I really enjoy the swimming dreams. (in all of these dreams I'm wearing a jumper which used to belong to my brother when we were small. It's a green one with noughts & crosses on it).
I dream of my father as rip van winkle and think there's nothing at all strange about the fact he's sitting across from me eventhough he's been dead for 7 years. I always have a baby in those ones. I don't have any children.
I dream about falling and in all cases I'm too afraid to jump eventhough there are masses of people dropping off the edge and falling to safety.
The sexy dreams usually appear if I have not had any in a while.
Often dream that myself and my exboyf have mended our differences and are happily in love again. (Never going to happen).
Most scarily of all, I woke up one night on the floor sweating bullets, fighting to breathe trying to find the door handle to escape because someone was trying to strangle me, but I couldn't make out his face because it kept changing. I could actually feel his grip on my neck during the dream. Scary as fook!!
Another one is the door opening, as soon as my bedroom door opens in my dream I dart up from the pillow and wake up terrified. I've always been fascinated by my dreams. My mother is too. It's a great converstation starter in my mothers house as she has quite vivid dreams as well. I suppose we're just light sleepers.
The teeth breaking one happens because you're stressed out, it comes of grinding your teeth so I'm told.

10:52 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Eek, the strangling one sounds most frightening.

10:54 a.m.  
Anonymous madnessburgers said...

Hemmmm... Me worst dream was before I moved to the 'merica two years ago. I was in my bed and couldnt move like I was pinned down or summat. I then looked up and saw that I was floating over myself. THe other me started talking to me and I couldnt figure out what I was saying. But then it started to make sense "wake up jennifer, wake up jennifer", in my own voice with increasing urgency. As soon as I copped on to what was being said the voice dropped really low, like a grumbly horror monsters voice and said... "Wake up Jennifer, or you'll never wake up again" and the face of the floating me got really dark.
Needless to say I sat up in bed screaming and have never been so terrified in my life.
I dont know why it happened.

10:33 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Okay, that would offically freak me out of my tiny mind. Most scary.

11:30 p.m.  
Anonymous ainelivia said...

Dreamt of having a picnic on a rock overlooking the sea. A plate in front of me is covered with seafood. I reach for a prawn, and when I raise it to my mouth it has become an ear....

I won't come back to read the interpretation if it's scary fmc...

10:38 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi my name is kate Im assuming you r all on tne other side of the world, I am in NZ and have just awoken at 3 am, because of a voice, that has woken me up before. It the voice of a lady I think she sound English, but she is just calmly saying my name, but it is in a eartheral(cant spell) way, and I wouldn't mind knowing why?

4:57 p.m.  
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