Monday, October 23, 2006

Madonna adoption doubts.

I love it, he hands the child over to an orphanage, signs him away to Madonna and now -due no doubt to the hand wringing of others he says he thought Madonna would just raise, feed, clothe, educate and generally act as a mother to his son...before handing back a healthy, mature, well educated teenager-used to riches beyond most of our imaginations- to his father so that he might live in an impoverished village scratching out a living selling onions and tomatoes. Yep, litte David Banda is gonna love his pappy for sure if this one goes awry.

"Yohame Banda, father of one-year-old David Banda, said he thought his son would remain familiar with his roots and would come back when he's older. “Our understanding was that they would educate and take care of our son just as they were doing at the orphanage. If we were told that she wants to take the baby as her own, we could not have consented because I see no reason why I should give away my son,” the 32-year-old farmer said, adding that he thought 'when David grows up he will return back home to his village'.

Earlier, when child and human rights groups sought an injunction on the adoption of the baby, Yohame had defended his decision and Madonna, in spite of his family expressing doubts. His comments then are a far cry from his latest remarks. “It would have been better for him to continue staying at the orphanage because I see no reason why my child should be given away forever when I can feed him,” he said. One of the groups protesting the speedy manner in which Madonna was given an interim custody of David is Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), a group of 67 human rights bodies, which argues that the Malawian government bent the rules for the Vogue singer. Under Malawian laws, non-resident foreigners are not allowed to adopt local children unless they stay in the country for more than a year. The injunction petition by HRCC will be heard in the Lilongwe high court this week.

Yohame blamed the government officials and his illiteracy for his earlier stand and consent. “I cannot read and write so I relied on what the officials told me that the papers said Madonna would look after the child the way the orphanage planned to educate him and then he comes back to me. What we agreed with Madonna was that she looks after my child until he finishes school, becomes independent and comes back home to us,” he said. David's mother died of complications arising from childbirth and Yohame left him at the Home of Hope Orphan Care Center.

Defending his decision to leave his son at the orphanage, the farmer said it was only because he could not provide the medical care and nutrition the child needed. “We sent this child to an orphanage because at one month we could not look after him, we did not have a health center nearby and the orphanage was the ideal place for him,” Yohame added."

I like his line where he says he wants his son to stay at the orphanage so he can see him 'whenever he wants'. King Solomon would have a field day with this guy. Hey, put your own needs first, leave the kid in the orphanage. I'm sure he'll thank you for it in the long run and all the hand wringers will stand by and provide for his medical and educational needs, won't they? Hello? Hey, where did everybody go?


Blogger SheBah said...

I'm starting to feel sorry for Madonna. All the bleeding hearts coming out of the woodwork spilling vitriol to the press. What are they actually doing to help all the other little mites in the Malawian orphanages. Wouldn't blame Madonna if she pulled out of her deal to pour millions into the orphanages and sent little David back to his tomato patch - and all his newly loving relatives.

2:58 p.m.  
Blogger P1P said...

I thought she bought the kid? Doesn't he belong to her now? Bloody hell it all got a bit complicated.

I can see the fathers point. He put the kid in the orphanage because of how deeply he cared. Now the evil madonna will take him away shame there wasn't some law stating that anyone adopting a kid had to stay in the country for say, a year and a half?

I hate celebs and negligent parants so it's pretty difficult to take a side here. I am on my own side. fuck them both. Sombody take care of the kid.

3:21 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

That's the point, somebody is offering to take care of the kid, but it's just not the right somebody in the view of most whingers. 'Ohh it's madonna, ohh she's just looking for publicity, ohh she should feed the world first.'
But if the adoption goes pear shaped are all the ooo-ers going to step in and help? Are they going to support the boy and his father? Are they going to offer him the same chance at a good life. Not a snowball's chance in hell.

3:37 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

....but couldn't Madonna have stepped in and supported the boy and his father. Did she HAVE to adopt him and separate him from his family? Same for Ms Jolie. They ARE buying children, separating them from their families and culture. The actions of both Madonna and the father are reprehensible for different reasons. If you want to split hairs though her actions are more-so.

6:32 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Angelina Jolie adopted Maddox an orphan and Zahara, another orphan and gave them very good homes.
Madonna didn't separate this boy from his father, the father PLACED the boy into an orphanage, he was there for over a year and that's where she met and adopted him from. She is not obliged to support David Banda's father any more that she is obliged to enfore culture.
Culture smulture. Where were all these bloomin' relatives who so love the boy for the last year? What was their excuse then?
I don't even bloody like Madonna, bbut I can't believe that people are trying to protray her as a monster for offering this boy a future.
I don't think the father's original actions were bad either, he couldn't afford to feed his son so he gave him away, it's his latest actions I find suspect, becasue most parents I know want what is best for their children and in this case, allowing Madonna to feed, educate, clothe and care for this little boy might just be what is best for DAVID Banda.

6:57 p.m.  
Blogger Jagd Kunst said...

Here's an idea- maybe Madonna and Heather mills could form a partnership of some kind- Madge taking care of the child, and Mills can look after his daddy- She's got to have something to pour all that potential capital into.

And then make it into a reality TV show, like 7-up vs fear factor to recoup their loss.

9:52 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...but Madonna can feed and educate the boy without adopting him. He has family other than his father as had one of Ms Jolie's adopted children, the daughter I think. She could have done the same.

Are you telling me that a small part of that £3m Madonna's intending to give couldn't have gone to sponsoring him through his family or local foster parents?

For some current vogue is a size 0, for others it's a Benetton child. Kerry fuckin' Katona will be next. Or Mrs Beckham who is obviously too emaciated to pass a decent stool never mind give birth to her own again.

12:41 a.m.  
Blogger Boliath said...

Avoiding this one, family are adopting internationally, it's been delayed AGAIN and it's all too close to home for me...

but on another note finally got to see Annie Liebowitz in her glory:

Excellent photo, well done Annie.

3:05 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Didn't she rock that photo?
Look Monty, he may indeed have family of his own, but said family left him in an orphanage for a year. He has cousins in the states, and they could have helped out too, but they didn't.
As far as I know the woman claiming to be Zahara Jolie's natural mother was proved not to be in an Ethopian court, so Angelina's kids are legitimate orphans.
Yes Madonna could have done lots of things, but she chose to oen her home to this little kid, and I just can't come down hard in her for it. Like I say, I'm not a big fan of hers, but the near hysteria this is causing is ridiculous.
That Kerry Katona on the other hand is just plain sad and one poor messed up kid.

8:55 a.m.  
Blogger addon said...

i stick with madonna on this one.

i don't think the $3m is hers, i think it is the kabbalah organisation that is funding this orphanage. check it out here:

regardless, i am dopey enough to believe it possible that people who can are trying to do the right thing. yes i know, an old-fashioned view. but that is how i feel.

give her a chance guys, and the little lad too.


3:38 p.m.  
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