Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh my goth!

I was walking out of the gym a while ago, freshly washed, my hair damp, my bag slung over my right shoulder. T'is a mild evening, so I thought I might amble back to the house. I had run a steady neddy 6k to ease the kinks out of my BUPA legs and I was feeling slightly peckish. When,
'Why hello there Little Goth Kid.' (for it was she)
'Fatmammycat!' (for it was me) She cried in such a high pitched happy cry that I feared for my wardrobe.
'Where are you off to then?'
'Skate park' said she, and indeed she was channeling the very spirit of an early Avril Lavine. I also should have taken notice of the skate board in her hand I suppose, but like I say, I was hungry.
We waffled for a few minutes and were about to part when I said,
'Doing anything Satdee?'
'No!' Said she all smiley and gleeful. 'What do you want to do? Shopping? Cinema? Shopping? Shopping?'
'Hiking' sez I, 'Glendalough, if the weather stays fine.'
'Oh...well, sure.'
'Excellent, we'll go down early, see if we can't do the 3 hour hike that me and my 'merican chum went on.'
'See you then!'
I waved and she trudged off with herself.
Poor child, I imagine she'll be doing little rain dances all about her bedroom to Korn this week.



Blogger finn said...

make sure you both wear cotton, denim and permeable boots. it's no fun otherwise.

8:45 p.m.  
Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Theres' nothing like a pair of moor-soaked jeans flapping around your goose-bumpled calfs. And spilling your thermos of cream of tomato on your jacket while your sandwiches are whipped away out to sea by the howling wind and instead having banana'n'hair for lunch.

I love hiking, me, aksherly. I like it in a fresh blowy place with no rattle-snakes or cougars or bears though.

You're going to have thighs that can crack walnuts with all this running about and hiking. Think of the control you'll have over the paramour!!

9:19 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

But Finn, won't that dampen the experience just a wee bit?
Sam, when Finn and I were bested by the mountain our jeans did not flap, they couldn't flap because they were acting as the estuary mouth for our misery.
But there appears to be a bit of a bonanza with the old weather at the mo and I want to enjoy it. Thus Gothula is coming too, so that I may listen to her palintive whimpers the whole three hours. No bears mind, and it is blowy. VELLY blowy in a gale.

9:30 p.m.  
Blogger Caro said...

You're a real sucker for punishment, FMC. But good on ya anyway...

2:43 p.m.  

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