Friday, May 25, 2007


Folk who call meetings on a friday ought to be horsewhipped, have salt rubbed into their flesh, horsewhipped again, have vinegar poured on their flayed skin, shot from a cannon into smouldering embers, blunderbussed and then be forced to listen to James Blunt for over eight hours.
However. Have a very good weekend y'all it grows every nearer to drinky-time.



Anonymous eva said...

Happy weekend FMC :-)

A lot of drinking was done here last night, so I'm just about feeling normal again (hands shaking), tea instead of wine for me tonight.. Tomorrow is a new day though ;)

Hope you have a grand time whatever you get up to!

6:19 p.m.  
Blogger finn said...

motherfuckingword it IS the weekend.

i am out of here to ride. finally.

you should take up LGK on her invite btw. cos you _are_ that cool.

7:40 p.m.  
Blogger Manuel said...

Bank holiday weekend, now what will I do? grumble grumble moan moan...

Have fun FMC!

1:34 a.m.  
Anonymous Primal Sneeze said...

Folk who call meetings on a Friday are the ones who pissed about all week and then panicked on Friday when they remembered there was actually something important to do.

5:48 a.m.  
Blogger Sassy Sundry said...

Get them on the rack.

Happy Weekend!

3:09 p.m.  
Blogger PI said...

Hope you have a great week-end FMC!

11:18 p.m.  
Blogger Binty McShae said...

The fuckers got me in for a meeting on Saturday. And I'm in now even though it's supposedly the school hols. And everyone reckons teachers get it easy...

7:05 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Binty, that's just not bloody on. Friday is bad, but dragging a chapt to a meeting on a Saturday is down right cruel.

9:01 a.m.  

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