Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tears for the rapist.

Power put his two hands around her neck and she managed to scrape his face before he pulled down her clothes and raped her. She said her head was down between the toilet and cubicle and she felt pain as he raped her again.

The victim told Mr Justice Carney the rape had affected her as "a woman, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, work colleague and human being".

I was standing in the kitchen this morning with a cup of coffee listening in amazed disbelief to the mother of convicted rapist David Power as she wept over the lack of help her son received before he raped his last victim.
Power, who savagely attacked two other women before, was abused as a child she said, his sentence was too severe, she said, 'he had been failed by the system', she said.
Poor thing, my heart bleeds for him. I mean it's so obvious that he's a victim here, his pain drove him to hunt down, beat, choke and terrify women before raping them. His inner agony caused him to brutalise and rip apart lives.
Naturally he is now appealing the severity of his sentence, for nothing says remorse more than looking for a lighter sentence.
"He pleaded guilty to the rape, which took place on January 28, 2007. He had consumed 15 pints of stout, six shots of Aftershock and a "cocktail of ecstasy and speed"."
A few minutes after his mother was dribbling snot down the phone line a friend of his last victim texted the show, critical of Newstalk for giving her the interview.
If that was my daughter attacked in a bathroom of a fast food outlet I'd be pretty fucking angry too, as a woman it angers me to hear another woman pleading for understanding for a serial rapist. Everyone has a mother, being a mother does not allow you to excuse abhorrent behaviour nor seek excuses for it. Being abused does not excuse savage monstrous behaviour, being male or female does not excuse it. Being a risk to the public- that would be me and you- should mean you need to be locked away. He's been jailed twice, he raped again. Why should the public take the chance that he won't do it again? All evidence points to the contrary.
Tears are wasted on this man, but sympathy for his victims is not. This man does not deserve a fourth chance to rape again.


Blogger Conan Drumm said...

Heard same woman on news earlier. "He had no help when he was in jail..." She doesn't seem to understand that there's not a lot you can do for a psychopath. And I can't help wondering if she was the kind of Mammy who always gave into her son's demands.

9:45 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Or the sort who could always find an excuse for his behaviour. Aw sure he's misunderstood.

9:54 a.m.  
Anonymous Green Ink said...

Cunt. Chemical castration is the only way.

12:25 p.m.  
Blogger Dr. James McInerney said...

I have to say that chemical castration came to my mind too as a method of dealing with this character. I mean what do you do? Send hime to jail for the rest of his life? Jail should be about rehabilitation, it should be about protecting the public from a criminal and it should be about punishment. The second and third of these will be served by jailing, but not the first. Life means release at some point. My preference would be to give him 12 years and release only if he agrees to chemical castration so he cannot rape. Otherwise, life should mean life.

12:33 p.m.  
Anonymous Green Ink said...

Well look, if we're getting into the prison thing, I suggested an alternative before.

12:40 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Chemical incarceration. Hmmm, prison pods. I was reading something very recently about chemical castration, and how it doesn't make the blindest bit of difference to the majority of sexual predators. I'll see if I can locate it.

1:29 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So predictable,
FMC picks a populist topic and then builds a straw house to knock down.

Yes FMC, he's a vwwwery baad man, vwerrrry vwerrrry bad man.

Have you nowt better to be at?

2:33 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Well done monkey. Strawman, strawhouse, all the same to you eh?

2:51 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the same indeed.

So, what pearls of wisdom have you got for us, what flame of righteous indignation are you planning to fan up next?

Poor Paramour.

3:28 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Never wash colours with whites.

3:37 p.m.  
Blogger Conan Drumm said...

Always look on the bright side.

3:45 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Taping up woodwork before painting is really a lot less trouble than trying to edge by hand.

3:50 p.m.  
Blogger Conan Drumm said...

Sprinkle a a few drops of water before you sweep up the sawdust.

4:01 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Spinkle onions with cold water before chopping to avoid crying, keep a saucer of water beside chopping board for extra sprinklage!

4:08 p.m.  
Anonymous sheepworrier said...

Heh @ FMC & Conan.

4:21 p.m.  
Blogger Conan Drumm said...

Keep a light hammer to hand to help loosen the old brake pads when changing them.

4:25 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Invest in and wear latex gloves when handling or deseeding red hot chilies. It prevents nasty accidents such as forgetting and rubbing your eyes, then having to run around the kitchen screaming.

4:29 p.m.  
Blogger Conan Drumm said...

If cooking with garlic use parsely or lemon to remove the odour from your fingers.

4:32 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Always rinse blood from clothing in cold water first.

4:43 p.m.  
Blogger Conan Drumm said...

Never ever feed the monkeys.

4:55 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...


4:59 p.m.  
Blogger Medbh said...

Did you know that if you roll a lemon or lime around the counter with some pressure it loosens up the pulp and you get more juice out of it?
It's true.

5:20 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

I did not, but I will be putting your tip into practice come Rumday, I mean Gingerday.

5:30 p.m.  
Anonymous problemchildbride said...

Leaving half a lemon open in the fridge absorbs unnosely fridge odours.

7:07 p.m.  
Anonymous problemchildbride said...

This man should never be let out again.

7:08 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Baking soda lifts odours too Darling.
I have failed to follow my own tip. My hands are not chili-fired. Damn my nibbling wants and needs.

7:17 p.m.  
Anonymous Betty said...

I always delegate when cooking with onions!

Have been reading and half not reading about this case because it was so bloody awful, the possibility of this man ever been released is even worse though. To be honest if I had a son like that and knew only too well what he was capable of, I would have tried my damndest to prevent him being among the general population,whatever it took. I know people who are survivors of child abuse and this woman's repeated reference to it as if it is a justification for what he has done repeatedly is nauseating.

9:23 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Exactly Betty, at some point love for your child has to take a back seat to the realisation that your child-as much as you might love him/her- is a danger to the public at large.

By the way, it there ANYTHING more delicious than the smell of cooking onions?

10:15 p.m.  
Anonymous Babs said...

Medbh - if you put the lemon / lime / orange etc into a microwave whole for about 20 secs (depending on the microwave) you get shitpiles of juice out of it.

The sharper your knife the less you will cry from onions.
Rub your hands on stainless steel (like a tap / draining board) to get all smells off.

I am still in disbelief that he got a third chance to do this. Chop his mickey off or leave him to rot in jail for life.

1:42 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

I am clumsy, so the sharper the knife the more likely I am to lose my thumb.
Babs, can you do that fancy super fast chopping Chefs do?

9:24 a.m.  
Blogger morgor said...

ha "mickey".

that's the most amusing phrase.

Oh i'm juvenile... and hungover.

10:29 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Poor old thing, some coffee and some anadin should see you right.

10:30 a.m.  
Blogger morgor said...


ahhh! and it was my birthday last weekend.

you're so cruel FMC. :)

11:28 a.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Well now, happy birthday. Hangovers get worse with every passing year you know, raaassssp.

11:30 a.m.  
Anonymous Babs said...

FMC - Yes I can do the fancy chopping, I always love how fascinated people are by it!

Morgor - Mickey always makes me sort of snigger, I love it!

12:27 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

it's a helluva skill Babs.

12:30 p.m.  
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