Thursday, September 06, 2007

Motivation for Fatcats.

Good news anybody. Results from my x-ray. Basically the lumps I was concerned about showed up on the x-ray and the doc concludes they are the result of 'healing from a stress type of injury' and that's it.
On the plus side there was no sign of a fracture, so her advice was to 'watch it' for a couple of weeks and go back to her if it flares up again.
Huzzah! It's so technical and light years away from anything I might have come up with.
Huzzah I say.
Not running today.



Blogger Medbh said...

Yay! Got to hear, FMC. There's no stopping you now.

6:36 p.m.  
Blogger Rusticissimus maximus said...

'I want a refund'?

If you can afford enough food to have the energy to go running in this country then there's no way you get free medical care. I'm sure that's actually in the small print of the HSE's mission statement...

6:45 p.m.  
Blogger finn said...

a day of good newses. most excellent.

maybe Our Glorious Leader will choke on another pretzel this evening.

7:22 p.m.  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Per 'aps indeed! Now I and the Markler- the name I have decided to bestow on the one-eyed cat, have to go and rid the garage of spiders. We may be some time.

7:29 p.m.  
Blogger gimme a minute said...

Excellent news. Very happy for you.

You should jog around the half in the park on sunday week if you feel up to it.

11:25 p.m.  
Blogger Manuel said...

"not running today" just like me. I may not run tomorrow either or the day after that either....


2:45 a.m.  
Blogger aquaasho said...

I'm late to this one, but good news!

1:35 p.m.  

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