Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Father Question. Roscommon Abuse Case.

I wondered what was the situation with the father (or fathers) of those poor children so horribly abused in Roscommon. I knew there had to be more to it than had been released. Twenty Major has a link and a post up that pretty much confirms my suspicions that what we know so far is only the very tip of the iceberg.
My god, what the hell were the HSC or WHB doing that they allowed this to go on for so long?

One thing. As Conan pointed out in Twenty's comments, this case is ongoing. Please be sensible if you feel the need to comment. Most of us don't know anything more except what is already in the public domain. That is upsetting enough, let us not add arms and legs to it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tip of the Iceberg indeed. That case last week really was horrendous. This is nothing to do with either case really just one thing that has really bothered me the past week was how surprised people are by how badly the HSE and in particular social services failed these children. The social service system here is appalling it seems minors have no rights and the parent’s wants and needs are paramount. There is never any accountability and nobody is ever fired. No responsibility is placed on other family members or the community. Those who knew about this and said nothing should be reprimanded and those whose job it was to protect those children should be in a cell beside their mother. The HSE are the biggest advocates of “a child’s best place is with his/her parents” and in cases were children have found to be neglected or abused this is clearly not the best place. I mean a reasonable person would deem the home a child has been starved or sexually abused in not suitable. I firmly believe that if a child is found to be abused they should be removed immediately pending the outcome of a court hearing and should the parent be found guilty the child should be made a ward of court and eligible for adoption without the parents consent.

Had that have happened in the case last week even after the second instance those poor little children may not have know many of the horrors inflicted on them. The Catholic Church and bodies like the HSE have created a culture were parents come first and that is wrong. The well being of those not able to care for themselves should always be a priority, innocent children should always come first.

The Garda will tell you their hands are tied and they cannot intervene without the courts yet if you or I assaulted an adult we’d be arrested immediately. It seems the judiciary have no regard for children. Social service officers seem to be continually waiting for something. Judges are reluctant to remove children from the home. Family members and the community turn a blind eye Why? Because parents are more important. Do you remember that poor 15 year old child a couple of years ago who died from a combination of starvation and the injuries her father inflicted on her, he served a menial prison term and continues to live on the farm he tortured that child in whilst you and I pay him his dole every week. Where oh where is the fucking justice in any aspect of this shithole we so fondly call home.


7:31 p.m.  
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Anonymous Sildenafil Citrate said...

It is pretty sad that this situation is presented in various places in whole country and There people that don't speak about it or there are people that they were silenced.

9:19 p.m.  
Anonymous Casa said...

Something must be done in the Catolic Church.

2:18 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When a child goes to school with dirty hair, that is lice in it, and looking unwashed and malnourished, somebody had to notice, the teacher, one of the other mothers, someone. But it seems when the suspected abuse was reported and a home visit was made, the social worker did not pursue an order to have the children removed. Filthy baby in a filthy nappy, dirty and cold house, no food in the fridge, and these kids were not removed. Really, do you think if you come back in two months for another house visit that things will improve. Absolutely the fault of the state and social workers for not removing those kids. As for this woman Mina whatever her name is from the Catholic organization, she is as guilty as the parents, she supported the abuse. "They need help, guidance, support and not intrusive action". Either this woman visited the home and is as much a sicko as the parents, or she did not visit the home and was manipulated by the parents. So she is either as stupid as a batch loaf or as sick as the parents. Does not matter, hope you are in hiding Mina. We are all looking for you you crazy evil bitch

6:58 p.m.  
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