Friday, July 07, 2006

Bomb alert.

Dublin arport has been evacuated for the second time this week. A suspicious package has been found in arrivals and the bomb squad have been called. Of course it's Friday, busiest traveling day of the week. Twenty planes are sitting on the tarmac, passengers on board, waiting to disembark. Some of them have been there since 7:30.
Poor people. I hope it is a hoax, like earlier in the week.
Across the water our closest neighbours are also remembering the terrible events of last year, when 52 people were killed when four suicide bombers detonated devices on three underground trains and on a double-decker bus.

A day of commemoration is taking place in London as the city remembers those who died and were injured in the 7 July bombings in the city last year.

An act of remembrance will be held at St Paul's Cathedral at 8.50am this morning to coincide with the time when three of the bombs were detonated on underground trains at the height of the rush hour.
I will be thinking of them and their families today.